The Eye of Judgment Interview

Miyaki: The first target is the 18 to 30-year-old age group. Then we're not only going for existing trading card game players, but also aiming for new trading card game players, because Eye of Judgement has such a visual impact, which should draw new people towards the trading card game.

Pro-G: So do you see Eye of Judgement as capable of revolutionising card games then?

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ALI-G4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

which will make BS3 outsell WII+360 combained this holiday season

after all their killer app went down the toilet(Folkore,warhawk,lair) , this one wil be next to hype just watch.

HeartlesskizZ4015d ago

the game comes with the eyetoy and it cost $60

solidt124015d ago

Im not big on card games but this one is different, plus it comes with the eyetoy which I was going to get anyway so it is a very good deal. I will be getting this. See the link.

BeetleJuice4015d ago

Is this game supposed to have online play
If so get ready for world tournaments galore!
I personally believe this will revolutionize card games as a whole i wouldn't mine watching card battles if they were going to look like this
its like the Yu-Gi-Oh world being brought to life i wonder if anyone will make a game like this set in the Yugi universe that has a systematic and complex system so we can c some truly strategic battles