Game Anatomy: Direction for Capcom

Game Anatomy article/blog looking into the recent comments by Keiji Inafune and giving directional proposals to Capcom

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goosepoose2927d ago

capcom, my boy. firstly do some interviews with hhg so the west can respect you more.
then get ricky gervais to do some promotional work for one of your games. (for the european peeps).
Then get jackie chan to kick dante's and ryu's ass in a friendly way (awesome publicity for the taki yani gi sans in the east). And then a year later send those promotional tapes to africa, aussie land and brasil via ship.

that should get you tons of money. and continue making games for the wii. trust us, we will buy a wii one day.

sajj3162927d ago

... I guess the point is to play to your crowd?