First Look: Dead Or Alive Dimensions (Nintendo 3DS)- Gameplaybook

Tecmo ditches the beach for its next Dead Or Alive game, bringing plenty of fighting action -- and bouncing boobs -- in glorious 3D.

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Buff10442710d ago

What's with the fighting games on 3DS? Hope they're good.

TheDCD2710d ago

I think Super Street Fighter will have its number, but it should still be good.

N4GAddict2710d ago

I hope so. DOA is a great series.

NBT912710d ago

Damn, Kasumi is so sexalicious

EvilBlackCat2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

The domination of handhelds worldwide is starting with 3ds.

in 15 years consoles are going to get extinguished

Stephen55432710d ago

I love handhelds, but they wont get rid of consoles.

TheDCD2710d ago

Yep, consoles are here to stay. But I do like a quality handheld.

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