Alan Wake's DLC 'The Writer' Will be the Last

Evil Avatar writes:

"While a date is yet to be finalized for Alan Wake's next piece of DLC titled 'The Writer', Matias Myllyrinne CEO of Remedy informed us that this next one will conclude things and have some "intense action."

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coolbeans2885d ago

Shame to see Alan Wake DLC end so abruptly, especially since it fits so well in the TV-format, but that's the way it is.

Game-ur2885d ago

"Matias Myllyrinne CEO of Remedy informed us that this next one will conclude things.."

That’s what I was waiting to hear, I was afraid the story will get abandoned after the bad sales, great thing remedy stayed committed, it’s a rare thing these days.

I hope it’s a clean wrap-up

Tony P2885d ago

Can't say I'm sad to see the format go. I always thought it would be too easy for publishers to abuse if it got pop (see ACTIVISION).

But I hope it's not over for the franchise itself.

outrageous2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

AW was suppose to have at least 3 DLC episodes??? This can't be good for the future of the franchise.

In regards to sales, last time I looked the game had sold around 700,000 copies. M$ has completely abandon this game for reasons unknown. There must be a story there and the fact that Remedy is hinting that AW 2 could be done in as little as 18 months tells me M$ is concerned about Remedies long development cycle's and Remedy is trying to calm those concerns. The game took to long to make at 5 years and to not have any multi-player or co-op is a huge oversight for the heavy XBL 360 demographic...still???

I think they should release the entire game in DLC chapters/episodes at $10 a piece. I think the game would do very well. M$ doesn't seem to care as Remedy has said that they have not heard from M$ at all about anything. At the least they could off released a demo like this...

Convas2885d ago

Oh man, I'm pumped. Even though I'm on to Reach, and will be playing other games like Fable 3, Black Ops, and 007: Blood Stone, I think about this game EVERY DAY. There are STILL some things that puzzle me about the story, and I really, really, REALLY hope they make a sequel. I will support it DAY ONE.

mrcash2885d ago

You and me both, this is really sad. Oh well here's to hoping the next one is multiplat so that it can generate some sales.

mcstorm2885d ago

I agree with you both I thin

QuantumWake2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

I will fully support an Alan Wake sequel. Alan Wake was a very interesting game. I found it a lot different than some of the games that I usually play. Alan Wake's sales sure do put me down. Hopefuly MS/Remedy are willing to put aside some of their losses and decide to make Alan Wake 2.


YoshiMeetsU2885d ago

You got a source or some quotes about these "losses"?? Not sure I've heard MS or Remedy mentioning anything about disappointing sales?

I would love to see another Alan Wake and Remedy has said they are interested in doing it and MS has an option for a sequel.

QuantumWake2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Sorry kind of mixed this up. I haven't been keeping up with the sales. But I'm usually at the Alan Wake forums, and mostly everyone there is seems a bit down about the sales figures for Alan Wake. Mostly because everyone had high expectations. I am willing to bet that MS and Remedy also expected a lot higher.

dkgshiz2885d ago

It would be better if Remedy parted ways and went to another publisher. That is if MS doesn't own the ip. This game would of most likely done much better as a multiplatform game.

KingKiff2885d ago

call me a troll if you see fit, but it's just not that good a game...

That's is why it sold so badly, not competition from other games.
It was the game itself, people hired it and didn't bother to buy it.

QuantumWake2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Remedy owns the Alan Wake IP. MS only has publishing rights. But with whats been happening with Alan Wake for the past 5 years, I doubt Remedy would want to switch publishers just for the heck of it.

Heres what Oskari Hakkinen (Head of Franchise Development) said in an IGN article:

"Currently, such a sequel has not been officially confirmed. "We're in a limbo at the moment where neither of us are talking about it. We're still in launch phase of Alan Wake 1…but Microsoft have an option for it. That was in the deal a long time ago…and I don't see why they wouldn't. We're happy with the partnership and they're happy with the game. I think it fits in their portfolio quite nicely. I don't see any reason why we wouldn't continue with Microsoft and why we wouldn't renew the IP…we definitely want a sequel of course."

jeeves862885d ago

It released on the same day that a multiplat multiplayer GTA-esque wild-west open-world game was released. I dunno about you, but not many of us can afford to buy two games in one week, some people can't afford to buy a game a month.

But the game itself is partially to blame--it doesn't have any of the things that make gamers actually want to buy it. It wasn't multiplayer, the story was pretty cliche and it was an Xbox exclusive. Once you get through it, unless you really, really, really love the story, there's not a lot of reason to pick it up again. Even with the DLC, the game as a whole still feels kind of half-done...which is sad in itself :(

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Raoh2885d ago

shame this isnt coming to pc or ps3..

i was interested in this title since it was originally shown at an intel show running on a pc..

Raoh2885d ago

i love how people disagree with me for wanting to play the game and wishing it were on more platforms...

only on n4g

i love you guys too

jeeves862885d ago

I agree man. I'm hoping in the back of my mind that there's still some left-over code to port this to PC...

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jetlian2885d ago

as far i know it was only suppose to be 2 DLCs hope it comes out this holiday. I still haven't played the first 1. I'm waiting till i have both before i play them like i did with RE5

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