Sports Champions Review (PlayStation Move)- Gameplaybook

Though it doesn't quite have the stuff to top Wii Sports, Sports Champions is the best game you can get for the PlayStation Move right now.

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Buff10442640d ago

So this is the one game to own for PSMove right now? Eh.

N4GAddict2640d ago

I heard it was pretty good actually

Motorola2640d ago

I want all the gold stars... I WILL WIN

cliffbo2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

plays great and is fun. i'd say it could have done with two more games to play, but overall your kids, your wife and you parents will love it and you'll love it for sure

don't bother with the Nav for now though, just get two MOVE controllers

Marceles2640d ago

It's actually really good, don't knock it until you try it. Especially Table Tennis, you really have to pay attention to where you are because being too close to the table is like hovering over the net and if you're too far away the computer can hit light shots to make you miss the ball. Also you have to pay attention to the way you hold and swing the paddle, just like real life. No more waggling, the game is pretty detailed.

BYE2640d ago


Nobody's holding you back from playing Dance Central instead.

griffis0072640d ago

put mine on eBay the same night. graphically it's ok and the 1:1 mapping works brilliantly. Unfortunately that means I'm as rubbish at the table tennis and frisbee game as I in real life. It's no fun trying to be so good at something I'm so naturally bad at

Dir_en_grey2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I had so much fun because I love doing sports also besides video games.

I think having that depth of getting good at real sports is just like trying to get good at video games.

There's a casual sports game for Move now it's called Racquet Spots. It's just a Wii port, only thing there to get is timing (maybe not even much since u can just waggle), there's no angle and no distance nor force to worry about when swinging the controller.

Casual games are easy to get into and play, but it just gets boring that much quicker because there's no room for trying improve like normal video games. It's like some people prefer brainless button mashing games and some prefer games that takes skill to play. It's just a preference and not one kind of gamer is better than the other, but PS Move can provide games for all types of gamers, where it's competition can only provide for casual gamers because they don't have accuracy in the control.

And getting better at controlling your body helps your real life too. Same concept as Wii but now the games are way funner for me because it is accurate and I get to have more options to do what I want to do when playing the game.

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TheDCD2640d ago

Yeah, I know. Sony should've prepped better games.

eagle212640d ago

"doesn't quite have the stuff to top Wii sports"..they should have implemeted bowling, boxing and a real tennis court. That's what sold Wii Sports. :)

n4gno2640d ago

Yes, but it's so accurate and better, than even if it has only table tennis, it would be way better than wii sport (for real gamers, but for casuals 1/7 years, and more than 77, some games can be too hard)

snoopgg2640d ago

I wish they would bring out a cornbag game for the move.

moparful992639d ago

Cornhole for the move would be epic! Ohh and I'm betting ten bucks that sony is going to develop a hot shots golf title with move support.. Just wait and see...

TheDCD2640d ago

Yeah, I know, bowling would've sold me like THAT. As is, still good stuff.

despair2640d ago

they have high velocity bowling with move to sell, so they probably intentionally left it out so two move titles won't compete with each other.

Megahurtz19862640d ago

GLADIATOR DUEL FTW!!!! Archery is pretty good too. Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase. The future is looking promising for move.

moparful992639d ago

Disc golf is my obsession.. I love it.. I'm currently going through the gold cup. Its tough...