All Signs Point to a Winter 2011 Release of Final Fantasy Versus XIII

It looks like the wait for Final Fantasy Versus XIII may be coming to an end. Though we still haven’t been given any word on a release date for the game, a compilation of quotes and information from Versus’ director Tetsuya Nomura and others involved with the project may just give us a clearer picture of when some of us will finally be able to play Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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NabikiTendo2923d ago

i pray that this comes in 2011.

fight4love2923d ago

So the jrpg gods will hear are cries.

Game-ur2923d ago

Don’t forget to add another 6-12 months until the western release, so we will get it sometime in 2012.

N4GAddict2923d ago

Me too. Versus XIII will be awesome.

skatezero2462923d ago

agreed with all of you Versus is my most anticipated game, I have been waiting for this game to come out since I seen that announcement trailor in 2006

2922d ago
IneedWeed2922d ago

Hopefully M$ doesn't buy out SE like last time and delay this game for 6+ months. This game is going to own, and will convince Xbox fanboys to finally get a PS3 for this game.

Otheros002922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

What signs are you talking about?
I even read your article.
They said they cannot commit to a release in 2011. So, what makes you think they will release it in winter 2011?