Racquet Sports Review- PlayStation 3/Move (Gameplaybook)

Ubisoft's attempt at producing a movement-friendly sports compilation for PlayStation Move creates a racquet all right- but not a good one.

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Buff10442861d ago

A shame...PlayStation Move really didn't have a great lineup of software.

N4GAddict2861d ago

Sports Champions is pretty good

8-bit2861d ago

Racquet Sports sucked! I tried the demo and it was nothing more than a wii game meaning that it was waggle and not 1:1. I am not surprised in the slightest that it received this score. Sports Champions on the other hand is a true representation of what the Move controller can do.

ryuzu2861d ago

On the whole it's got a better and more diverse line up than Wii had at launch but I guess it will be a while before the better games appear (just like Wii, and no doubt Kinect).

mushroomwig2861d ago

I consider Tumble to be the greatest of the launch software. :)

divideby02861d ago

I agree...and I think the Kin line up is a lot worse than motions lineup

BYE2861d ago

Not great, but definitely good enough for hours of fun.

But it's funny how you particularly say this on a bad game review and not on a good one...

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cliffbo2861d ago

DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!

jack_burt0n2861d ago

is this game better than motion plus yes so if u want some wii tennis you got it.

juggulator2861d ago

Wow!!! Thats gotta be BS. I played the demo and have had no problems with the game. But I've never played the Wii version either.

n4gno2861d ago

It's works, yes, but it's "semi automatic" close to wii casuals/sports games, sport champion is way better.

LiLTich922861d ago

i bought move and it is amazing with every single game :) except this one :| omg they need a total recall!!

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