Movemodo review: Sports Champions (PS3 Move)

Quoting Movemodo's Corbie Dillard:

"Sports Champions does a nice job of showing off the capabilities of Sony's new Move controller, but with only six sporting events to tackle, you might feel a bit short-changed. Granted it's included with the Starter Pack in North America, but in territories where it's a separate retail release it's undeniably limited. Some events are obviously more enjoyable and playable than others, but if you can manage to round up some friends and want to show off that new Move controller, Sports Champions should do the job, at least as long as you can keep your expectations in check."

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Orange2891d ago

I posted this before, but nobody is talking about Hustle King's use of Move. It's worth picking up if you have an interest in billiards. Figuring out how to shoot with power (point move/cue downward slightly) was the frustrating aspect, but once that's down it's quite challenging and fun.

The soundtrack is terrible, but custom soundtracks remedy that deficiency.