PlayStation Move - Preliminary Sales Figures In

VGChartz - "Sony launched the PlayStation Move last week and as ever, VGChartz is here first to bring you the preliminary sales figures.

To start with, it is important to define what we mean by a unit of Move hardware - essentially a Move Controller plus PlayStation Eye Camera. Since there are so many different SKUs and configurations (Starter Bundle, controller and camera seperately, purchasing a second controller, existing camera users) we have to make some assumptions when estimating the amount of complete Move hardware in houses."

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movements2889d ago

Not bad. Move's proving to be popular.. Good for Sony: It only does motion controls

gameseveryday2889d ago

what do you mean by only motion controls?

raWfodog2889d ago

He's referencing the commercials that state "Sony: It only does Everything" then lists everything it does. He's adding another entry into the list :)

Kurisu2889d ago

"It only does..." is the marketing campaign for America.

"It only does games"

"It only does Blu Ray"

Etc. It shows off all the aspects of the PlayStation 3 console.

theKiller2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Americas = 85,000 unit of Move sold!! whether separately or with a bundle

Europe = 100,000 Move were sold

Total = 185,000 PS Move sold in the first week in these 2 continent Assuming VGcharts not off by 20%!!

in Japan i would also think large numbers sold!!

so maybe around 250-400 Move sold world wide!!! we dont know exactly and we cant know until Sony says so!!

But VGchartz claiming that the total numbers sold world wide are 140 is far off from the number them selves reported!!

Triella2889d ago

I'm sorry but how are they counting sales again ? I don't remember them deducting Xbox360 sales for the peoples buying a spare console while theirs was being repaired, or did I miss something ?

So why are they counting as one purchase when someone buys two Moves ? And what does it matter in the equation if someone already had a PSEye ? Unless of course they are trying to minimize the sale. One hardware sold is one hardware sold, period and as far as what they are reporting 95'000 Move were sold in America.

hakis862889d ago

I live in Norway - in Europe - and I've seen the Sports Champions bundle (the PSeye, a MOVE and the game) at GameStop. So the statement that it doesn't excist in Europe is false. =)

Impressive numbers indeed - it's only been out for under a week! And the word of mouth and reviews online are all good. It will be interesting to watch these sales climb in the coming weeks :-))

Hideo_Kojima2889d ago

Unlike a PS2/3/4 release most of my friends are waiting to TRY it before they buy it. Its not just like a new console launch its like a new technology launch and I think its silly to buy it before you have a chance to play it and see if YOU really like it and agree with all the good reviews.

I believe sales will start of slower and speed up in a while especially when more games (hardcore games) are released with Move support.

Ju2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I am one Move customer. I bought on Sports Bundle, a second controller (ah ha!) and a Navigation controller and some chargers etc.

So, that is one sale, not two. Hard to understand, huh ?

Otherwise, if you would count cameras sold separately (and it is within the margin of controllers sold) that could be a good guess of an additional sale (and not an PS Eye sale).

L-Teezy2889d ago

well i would say alot of people have the same state of mind i had b4 i got drunk and bought it anyway :D i was gonna wait on more games to be released, being there's not really much out for it at the moment. i blew that train of thought after a few beers, and a pint of Crown Royal. lol.

sikbeta2889d ago

Move sales will go Up and Up over the time, the more games out compatible/for PlayStation Move, more interest.... more sales...

Ju2889d ago

Those numbers are not really impressive.

However, if you would consider this as some sort of a platform launch, Sony sold as many as they would with any other (current) hardware model. And that is impressive.

Anon19742889d ago

So, I'm confused. Are we supposed to add on 2 million extra on top of these VGChartz numbers, like we have to with the PS3 console figures to get anything close to accurate?

Seriously, why does anyone use this site?

DMason2889d ago

I bought a starter bundle and an extra controller. I'm as hardcore as they come in terms of gaming, yet I bought this because I am a gamer at my core.

the greatest part is that my gf bought the extra controller and she never plays games. and I mean never. this has made me extreme happy because we now have something extra we can do together. the launch games are limited, but its an investment for future games. I just hope they don't knock down the price around the holidays, because ill be a bit irritated if they do.

DORMIN2889d ago

I went to Wal Mart and Best Buy today and they were sold out. All they had were the Navigation controllers.

Lou-Cipher2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I bought 2 Move/2 Navigation/2 Chargers/5 Games (SportsChampions/EyePet/StartT heParty/Res5GoldEdition/Ruse) Already had the PS Eye.

NecrumSlavery2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

We all are aware of VGChartz's inaccuracy, but 60K? The Move is in the 180-250K range for about the first 5 days. It's doing really well.

And to all the Omega4's out there: Can't knock the Skittles. Enjoy your Kinectimals...Cause I actually really enjoy EyePet. It's a great game that is perfect for both casual gamers and core ones a like. Oh and to the reviewers that gave it a 1/10: KILL YOURSELVES cause this game is an 8 easily.

MOVE is awesome. I can't wait for the online games. I hope they can get sports champs online and get Gladiator on the Nav so we can really Move around. Give the tech to From Software and let them create us a real HD zelda.

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bmw692889d ago

Move will be a long-term thing I think...

-Alpha2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Move can even replace the DualShock 4. It does everything the Dualshock does, plus motion so I wouldn't be surprised if Move became standard.


I didn't mean to say it will replace it completely, but Move could likely be bundled with SKU's from the launch of PS4. If people are going to adapt this gen then it'd be an easy transition to next gen. As for backlash, if people really want it, they can buy a controller or get a DS4-bundled PS3 :)

Rip-Ridah2889d ago

Although I am supportive of Move, I do NOT want it to "replace" the dualshock 3/4; just "compliment" or coexist with it. I think the replace mentality would lead to backlash and animosity towards the product and with good reasoning I might add.

rdgneoz32889d ago

It won't replacec the DS, there are some games where the DS is better than the Move. Though I do like the Move, its charging from playing R.U.S.E. and Sports Champions last night.

weazel2889d ago

Yup. most of the people that I know that didn't buy it at launch are waiting till pay day at the end of the month.

ThanatosDMC2889d ago

No, since it'll alienate fighters. It's good to have options.

1Victor2889d ago

if I go and buy 4 moves controllers and nav 3 for my nephews and 1 for me it counts only as 1 sale .(slap my self up ) did I when into the twilight zone and came out in bizarro world ?.N4GGGGGGGGGGG

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joydestroy2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

yup, i'd say so. amazon can't seem to keep the Move controllers in stock.

edit: why the disagrees? it currently says "In stock on September 22, 2010" on amazon

c'mon now

ryuzu2889d ago

This is only counting Move starter packs - Camera + Move right?

Seems a bit silly since a lot of people already had the cam and just bought the extra bits.


gamingdroid2889d ago

VGChartz assumed that 25% of just the wand sales "only" owned the PS Eye and counted that as a new customer.

In total, the PS Move sales is less than 150-200k for the week.

solidt122889d ago

Well I already had a camera and bought two move controllers. I wonder what the real numbers are.

Omega42889d ago

Not bad? hmmmmmmm.

Personally I didn't have high expectations for Move's sales but 140K is well below what I thought it would sell day 1, I though 250-500K min. It also seems this won't be much of a hardware mover either.

I doubt it will even which 1ml by year end at this rate.

Shadow Flare2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Because we all know sales are more important then the gameplay experience /s

It's had nothing but positive feedback. THAT is the most important thing. Because now it can only go up.

Let's see the feedback kinetc will get. Cos if people aren't keen on it, it will bomb. Whatever the day 1 sales are.

testerg352889d ago

Shadowflare, well if Move doesn't sell then why would software companies want to support it.

Mr Tretton2889d ago

Omega you're so full of it. Get a life bro.

Otheros002889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )


JakemanPS319942889d ago

i mean seriously its only been 3 days! u never know by the end of this month they could have sold 500-700 thousand move's

YoshiMeetsU2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Mr Tretton the only thing full of fail here is the numbers for Move on its launch.

Not even the existing 38mil owners are rushing out and buying it. I figured there were at least enough shills to bring that to 500k.

If Kinect launched to these numbers it would be a full on bash fest here.

I know it's VGChartz so I will wait for more evidence but it deserves to do better. I know there are plenty of the shelves in my town. I bought it on launch day and then went back for the charging base on Sunday evening and the shelves were still full of them.

Imperator2889d ago

You MS stockholders are kind of funny actually. You're delusion is above all else, LMAO. I'll just ignore you and keep enjoying the awesome tech that is PS Move.

Zeevious2888d ago

But based on only...Oh...EVERYTHING you've ever written...

It didn't matter WHAT the sales where or are, You already had the exact same statement ready to go -- Noted like this:

"Not bad? hmmmmmmm.

Personally I didn't have high expectations for Move's sales but __INSERT ANY UNVERIFIED NUMBER___ is well below what I thought it would sell day 1, I though __INSERT ANY HIGHER NUMBER THAN THE FAKE ONE__ min. It also seems this won't be much of a hardware mover either.

I doubt it will even which __MULTIPLY BY FOUR AND INSERT NUMBER__ by year end at this rate."

. . . . .

What purpose exactly do you serve in life?

Do you HONESTLY see nothing but the negative in any gaming that's not in your sanctioned, worshiped console?

Every console has great games. Every one. I'm glad to play all the games on all my consoles...What exactly are you glad about?

Constantly whining and hating anything you don't have or like?


How sad that is for you...How pathetic...

How tiny and pitied you are for it.

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NLGSean2889d ago ShowReplies(13)
ALFAxD_CENTAURO2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Free hand motion gaming
And now PS Move for PS3.

ElementX2889d ago

The "It only does..." phrase is getting extremely cliché.

bjornbear2889d ago

is getting extremely cliché....

n4gno2889d ago

Sold out ! (almost everywhere)

it's not really accurate to know how many "moves" are around here, but better than vgchartz or others predictions to know if it's already a success.

jerethdagryphon2887d ago

regardless of new customers or existing customers
35k move controllers +50000 bundles with or without ps3 is still 85000 ps wands sold

if i go into a shop and but 10 chocolate bars at once or in 10 seperate sales its still 10 sold

move will sell a lot of people will wait tell payday to buy so sales should increase over the weekend im guessing 500k worldwide by weeks end maybe a little less and 1million sold by middle of october

dirtydbz2889d ago

it only does 3d
xbox will not be able to do that this gen
not that being able to do 3d means much just means ps 3 owners won't have to buy a blu-ray player to play 3d movies


I just bought the move controls yesterday at best buy near my house even though I work at gamestop ( day off ) but no one else was picking it up. The sales rep told me people were only buying halo reach all day and only had like 7 left out of a couple hundred this weekend. The move controls are exactly what I expected , but the sales figures for it are horrible from what I expected. At gamestop people really aren't preordering that much like I would like , but I really thought it would do good regardless.This is really bad news for sony move . Hopefully people start picking it up atleast for your kids at xmas time. Proud owner of ALL systems except pspgo (have psp already ) real gamer 4 life ..... HATE XBOX AND PS3 FAN BOYS

moparful992889d ago

Seriously? You think that almost 200k is bad for 4 days of sales? This is tremendous.. Besides vgchartz methods of tracking are all convoluted and theres no way to know if they are reporting real sales.. I'll wait for sony's official announcement..

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BulletProofVess2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

but im going to wait till a more reputable website/source reports sales figures.

edit: vgchartz states
"Kinect which is undoubtedly a more innovative piece of hardware at first glance getting far more press coverage"

thats why i take caution when reading this preliminary sales report

Omegasyde2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

"So a solid start for Sony, who has spent very little to date marketing PlayStation Move and I share Sony's view that Move will be much more of a slow-burn when compared to Microsoft's Kinect which is undoubtedly a more innovative piece of hardware at first glance getting far more press coverage and supported by a significantly larger marketing budget."

-First off who determines the marketing budget for playstation move? I know you guys don't have that info....yet.
-How is Kinect seen as more innovative? It works better than the PSeye, but its just a copy cat. The same can be said about the move and the wii controller.
-Actually looking back at the quote, this is a very long run-on sentence just like the rest of the submission. Not being a gramar nazi but this article was definately written with a particular bias in mind with poor editing skills.
P.s BMW, I am going to assume your Bret (owner of VG chartz) so perhaps you should try to write your articles in a more neutral tone. There is no point bringing up the kinect when its not even out yet.

Rip-Ridah2889d ago

Sony Computer Entertainment America, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, or Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. Any of the aforementioned will have "exact" numbers of any and all peripherals and bundles without any guesswork. I'll be too busy counting my slam shots in table tennis to care though. ;-)

raztad2889d ago

VGC favoritism toward the xbox is leaking. Well, actually just looking at their fake PS3 sales numbers you can figure it out.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Like when VGC they said 36 Millions PS3 units sold at the same month of E3, but actually Sony said at E3 38 Millions.

VGC is actually not a true reliable source.

xion20102889d ago

"compared to Microsoft's Kinect which is undoubtedly a more innovative piece of hardware at first glance"

i think the keywords there is "at first glance". To casuals around the world kinect is going to seem the most innovative...regardless if it's not, which will spur more sales initially.

"Like when VGC they said 36 Millions PS3 units sold at the same month of E3, but actually Sony said at E3 38 Millions."

vgc tries to predict the number of consoles currently in gamers' hands. Sony numbers include what's in gamers' hands plus whats currently on store shelves around the world.

so..36 million units in gamers' hands plus 2 million on store shelves around the world for a total of 38 million.

Not saying vgc is the always accurate, but in the example you gave they were.

Adva2889d ago

So somehow VGchartz provides accurate data for x360, but always underlists ps3 is ok?

xion20102889d ago

i'm curious what the disagrees are for. guess that's trigger itchy troll fingers at work :P

Foliage2889d ago

@ xion2010

Because you are spouting nothing but BS. Microsoft is the only one of the 3 that count what is on the shelves as being "sold". They were even caught doing it, look up "360 channel stuffing" on google. It's called research, you should try it.

For the millionth time, SONY ONLY REPORTS FIGURES SOLD TO THE CUSTOMER, THEY DO NOT INCLUDE ANY IN TRANSPORT, ON SHELVES, IN WAREHOUSES, STORES... ANY OF THOSE. Learn some facts, do some damn research. This has been proven a million times over.

From SCEE:
"We calculate our install base by 'sell through' and have done for the last four years" - "We classify 'sell through' as the number of units consumers have actually purchased from retail. 'Sell in' is the number of units we've sold to retail."

VGChartz is run by a pathetic loser fanboy who was banned from NeoGaf for being caught as a huge Microsoft fanboy who made up all his numbers. Read their FAQ, they even put in writing that vgchartz cannot be used on their site, since it is as reliable as finding a random blog online and taking anything written on it as a fact. 360 fans love vgchartz because it is run by a microsoft fanboy, and it is the only place they can hide from the truth that PS3 is going to pass the 360 in total sales very soon, and they have been on the market a year to a year and a half less time.

BeOneWithTheGun2889d ago

That is so well said. I wish I could give you more than 1 bubble. VG is a joke.

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shadyiswin2889d ago

Nothing is wrong with his statement, at first glace the kinect does appear like far better tech, it doesn't require controllers. he's not stating that it's better (even though it is), simply more people find it interesting cause there's nothing like it coming out. Here's the best part sony will have a kinect like option for there next console if kinect does as good as I think will, the sensor bar will come standard on the next round of consoles, watch.

Torillian2889d ago

Well Move isn't my thing but I hope they end up doing well enough that they don't lose money on it. We'll just have to see if it ends up having decent legs.

mcstorm2889d ago

I agree with you there move dose not do it for me too but I hope they have a successful product just like I want the same for ms and nintendo as having 3 consoles in the market is better for us gamers.

Shaymin2889d ago

I am one of those people who bought the Move in its first Week

Very good investment

ELite_Ghost2889d ago

Picking up mine b4 xmas, can't wait :D

2889d ago
xg-ei8ht2889d ago

Exactly vgchartz are 360 guys, kinect is poor and will always be so.

And if people are silly enough to buy it, that's their problem.

But seriously, you will be asking for your money back pretty quickly with kinect.

bmw692889d ago

VGChartz are not "360 guys" - why does N4G have this stupid belief? VGChartz has no bias - they just report what they can to the best accuracy possible

Omegasyde2889d ago

Then why bring up the KINECT? It's not even out yet!

phinch2889d ago

360 guys, id say 55% ps3 and the rest split between 360 and the wii, trust me ive been on there along time

shadyiswin2889d ago

Vgchartz seemed very determined to prove the ps3 was the death of the 360 last year, every article I read was about the ps3 gaining momentum and out performing and in all fairness it was. Well now there just giving props where props are do, the xbox is outselling sony and nintendo despite not being the cheapest,strongest, or newest. The 360 was rushed and yet there doing holiday numbers 5 years later in the slowest month in gaming (august) and holding it's own by destroying the competition in software sales, I had to deal with ps3 being crowned the king of next gen last year, so deal with the 360 owing for the time being even though I don't see it ending anytime soon. Microsoft seems to have sony matched title for title, by that I mean they have something in the same time frame to cut in on sony sales, I still think its funny fable is way ahead of gt5. Can't wait for microsofts next console, should be amazing considering there milking this 360 for power still.

NLGSean2889d ago

And I guess N4G is not filled with Sony Fanboys?

Lord Gunchrote2889d ago

Its filled with all fanboys. who else visits news for gaming sites all day like us Xbox Fans are EVERY bit as annoying as sony fans.