Top 5 Developer-Changing Gaming Reboots

The top 5 games that have successfully been rebooted by those not affiliated to the original...

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Urmomlol2885d ago

Wow, now this is the kind of crap that I'd expect from Now Gamer.

A.) Learn how to format your pictures. Seriously. Or hire a designer or something. Jesus.

B.) Front Mission has always been an action-game in addition to being a tactics RPG. They weren't released in the US, but that means FME isn't a reboot by any stretch of the imagination. Of course, you would know this if you had actually done some research, which you clearly haven't.

Game-ur2885d ago

FM was a grid based SRPG like FF tactics; this "reboot" screwed it, and its getting bad reviews so far.

Bionic Commando was a screw up as well.

2 Bad examples.

Akagi2884d ago

Hey, at least they include pictures in their list. Ironically, in a top 10 of best looking games, NowGamer only included a few pictures. The rest had vaguely descriptive text. Stupid or what?

Infernostew2884d ago

Mega man legends? This list is all new games and quite crap. Castlevania 64 was the first 3d reboot of the castlevania series so why does lord of shadows get the nod? If we're going for good games then lament of innocence.

wicko2884d ago

I'd say Fallout 3 would be a good example of this.

Game-ur2884d ago

Fallout 3 is not a reboot, it's an in continuity sequel.

wicko2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Far Cry 2 is also a numbered sequel but still made this list due to different developers.

I'd still consider this a reboot, considering how different the gameplay is.

JohnApocalypse2884d ago

I'm wondering why that isn't up here

x5exotic2884d ago

DmC is the WORST reboot ever evr ever.....they changed dante...WTF...all the awesomeness Dmc3 and 4(just dante's part if u hate nero ok? dont be pissed) is now simply replaced with a goth kid who smokes and whose body looks like a girl's

BillOreilly2884d ago

front mission screwed the fans. We need a great srpg not another shooter, granted it looks ok. Metroid prime was a massive sucess. I fell in love with that game. I acually like the vid of the new dmc. Too emo but the art and fighting/design looks good. I love ninja theory and trust them to deliver a top notch game. Trust the dev vision. I loved old dante but wait and give it a chance. Im sick af sequals staying the same. Id say the other m was a huge success. And ninja guiden was a great reboot.