The 10 Most Famous Cancelled Games Ever

NowGamer runs down the ten most famously canned games of all time - "We thought we’d never see it. We thought it was vapourware. But it’s coming. In 2011 Duke Nukem Forever will see its release, and some 14 years after its initial announcement we’ll be once again sharing a hypermasculine adventure with the bawdy King."

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Urmomlol2927d ago

Wow, I was about to say this was a decent list by Now Gamer until they completely obnoxiously made this three pages by posting a half of a paragraph and a screen shot on the last page. That's just hit whoring, and it's pathetic.

You want hits. We get it. You don't have to be so shameless about it.

fastrez2927d ago

That's how websites stay in business.

Do us a favour, don't ever start your own company. With this attitude you'll be homeless and begging for spare change within a week.

Urmomlol2927d ago Show
CellularDivinization2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Cracked making good word articles? Ha, that is a good joke. No, not really. Its unfunny just like
But at least I can see where you get your humor from.

Oh look, you disagreed with me. Seems like you are upset because I dont find your beloved Cracked as humorous as you think it is. Wipe your tears and go read an unfunny Cracked article, while writing down its unfunny jokes to later repeat in public. Maybe if they are polite, they will force a chuckle or two.

Urmomlol2927d ago

Actually that was someone else. This one is mine.

Oh, and NowGamer, your dupe accounts impress no one.

fastrez2927d ago

I don't write for them, I'm just a long-time fan of their work, so I can't speak on their behalf as much as you'd like me to.

However, it's entertaining to see you get so bent out of shape over harmless article posted up by a harmless site. if this sort of thing gets you THAT angry, you must have a really dull life.

Utterly pathetic behaviour.

Urmomlol2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Clearly that's why every single one of your submissions is from Now Gamer. Oops.

Fans of Now Gamer are a myth. Like the Loch Ness Monster. They don't exist.

Eamon2927d ago

I don't think he's really angry.

It's just anyone can type in a terribly angry manner on the internet, yet they're not at all pissed off in real life.

despair2927d ago

They have Starcraft Ghost as PC but it was supposed to be for the consoles, in fact I think it was for the original Xbox, one of the reasons I bought one was for Ghost, the others were for ninja gaiden and jade empire.

fastrez2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

StarCraft Ghost did seem like a great concept. An almost Splinter Cell-style title set within the StarCraft univese. It's still a good concept today. I guess we'll never know what caused Blizzard so much trouble with it.

The Sonic game, Sonic X-Treme is still being made by fan communities last time I checked. I'd like to see what they manage to do with what was left of the source code.

Picnic2927d ago

What about Donkey Kong Racing?
The most promising-looking game that was never released, after Rare changed from being 49% owned by Nintendo to 100% being owned by Microsoft.

Relientk772927d ago

Lol Mega Tree? what the hell is Mega Tree it sounds so exciting *sarcasm* lol

crzyjackbauer2927d ago

True Fantasy Live Online

i always wanted to play that, i loved phantasy star online on the Dreamcast
True Fantasy Live Online looked like the successor on the original Xbox

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