EA : Xbox 360 is our priority

EA have come forward this morning to confirm that Xbox 360 versions of multiplatform projects nearing completion are being given priority over other console versions.

Citing the larger Xbox 360 user base, an EA representative went on to say that once titles get closer to release dates - EA re-jigs it's workforce to concentrate on getting the 360 version 'out the door' first.

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Bloodmask4081d ago

that the console with the higest install base is the lead platform for most multiplatform games. That is why last generation the PS2 was the lead platform for all EA games. And this gen it is the 360.

PS3 will always get EA games but they will be coded on the 360 first. Which will always lead to subpar translations. With the 360 dev kits being very similar to PC architecture where games are always made first.

This is the business model for most 3rd parties. I think this has the most to do with the rising development costs of next gen games.

Anything but Cute4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

EA releases crap games simultanously across all consoles. This explains why Madden 08 has less frame rates on PS3, they cared more about the 360 version and PS3 is complex to develop for.

Just don't expect the difference between PS3 and 360 versions of EA games to be that big forever. Once EA gets a hang of the PS3, they will be able to make quality on PS3 easier even if they are putting the 360 version first.

"Always be subpar translations"? If you're thinking Madden 08 forever, you're wrong. As long as the games play well on both consoles it's fine. EA developes nothing but casual games.

Not all developers are doing this either, just look at Ubisoft and GRAW 2. There's gonna start being able to developes games that look just as good or better than 360 and they won't have to delay.

Jdash244081d ago

EA has completely lost all credibilty with it doesnt not getting any games they make, except maybe the simpsons game

Scrooge4081d ago

What about Mercanaries 2?

ShiftyLookingCow4081d ago

I think EA is making a mistake.

power of Green 4081d ago

Its also makes sense from a profit/business point of view the PS3 is a pain to get it to perform at the same level they got to get games out the door this kills two birds with one stone bigger base and getting games out the door to make cash.

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The story is too old to be commented.