Demos Galore in This Week’s PlayStation Store Update

"Who doesn’t love game demos? Am I right? We do, and we certainly know that you do, so we’re happy to report some great news for those of you who just love to try before you buy."

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red2tango2889d ago

All it says is Enslaved. The other 7 haven't been announced. It's not really newsworthy until we know what demos there are. Let's face it, demos aren't a huge deal if we don't know what they are.

mastemikegee2889d ago

got the move demos last week. and they got PES2011 and Enslaved. let's hope we get Castle Crashers soon and TerRover.

mikeslemonade2889d ago

I'm downloading Enslaved, Quantum Theory, and NBA elite. I can't wait to try the Move demos once my wands get shipped in.

Skip_Bayless2889d ago

Enslaved is good. I was downplaying this game. Vanquish was what I expected and that was overhyped, but Enslaved deserves the attention. Graphics don't rival Uncharted 2, but it's definitely getting close.

Skip_Bayless2889d ago

Scracth that, Enslaved is more than good. It's great. The game is pretty much flawless and the game may be too linear, but it doesn't matter because the presentation is so good. It's trying to tell a story, so open world is not relevant in this game. Also the incredible voice acting and faces from Heavenly Sword are found in this game.

stuntman_mike2889d ago

seeing how good the acting a voice work is might tempt people to go back and check heavenly sword, which i thought was an excellent game.

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MikeGdaGod2889d ago

i'm gonna get the game.....i just don't feel like spending more money after buying the Move bundle and an extra controller this weekend.

maybe when i can get it for around $30

darthv722889d ago

right now i am diggin the one for joe danger.

redDevil872889d ago

Enslaved was kinda dissapainting for me. The controls didn't feel right. the platforming sections will be epic though.

trounbyfire2889d ago

the weight is way to low for monkey (i think that his name)
platforming was as simple as pressing a button you didn't really have to look in the direction you wanted to jump. the cool pare as colliding with the building but even that seemed to stale untill i was up

Croash2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I think it is just there for decoration. So I guess Enslaved shouldn't be considered as a platforming game. But it can be great actually, not having to worry about making the right jumps and insread, enjoying the scenery, the cinematic feel of intense sequences and...the robots trying to kill you.


UltraNova2889d ago

Enslaved is like 70% platforming and 30% combat...

I share the same opinion regarding the controls. They feel kinda stiff at times. The platforming is very passive, I would even describe it as mindless. However the pacing and scenery are breathtaking! Combat-wise it looked promising.

Skip_Bayless2889d ago

It's a demo though. One of the things that usually gets fixed is the the controls. If you were fine with Assasins Creed jumping then this is perfectly fine in Enslaved.

fooltheman2889d ago

...well as cool the platform sections were...
There was missing something...

something uncharted 2 has...

I really don't know...
(well some things looked borrowed too)

trounbyfire2889d ago

people tend to think you are a blind fanboy that is clueless but you are right it doesn't feel as good. its sloppy and UC series i alway give credit for having to perfect weight for drake and i think enslaved feel odd because monkey is so light.

BYE2889d ago

I dig the story and the fighting sections...

But what's the point of platforming if you cannot fall? That's stupid.

Erotic Sheep2889d ago

Did no one else experience heavy screentearing during the Enslaved demo? It was horrible O.o

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Rampaged Death2889d ago

The Enslaved demo was brilliant. I wanted to play more of it. The other demos will most likely be for the PS Move.

trounbyfire2889d ago

glad that sony made to move to tuesday because games are released earlier and demos are too. makes PSN even better if you think about it

DOn't put a pic of GT5 and make me have a heart attack then don't even mention GT5

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