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"This week marks the official launch of Sony’s PlayStation Move on the PlayStation 3. The launch titles for the Move aren’t that appealing, but there are some games that are available right now that just need a download patch in order to have PlayStation Move capabilities. With Heavy Rain, Sly Cooper, and LittleBigPlanet 2 to be the number of PS3 titles to support the Move, owners of the peripheral can now try out the Move Controller with the Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition." - JPS

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ShadyDevil2859d ago

Why cant they patch the regular edition? Way to screw the early adopters.

MightyMark4272859d ago

I have to trade my old Re5 and get the Gold to play it on move =/

mastiffchild2859d ago

Makes no sense, though, they could even have charged for the patch, no? I think people would have accepted that they'd had to put more work in to get this working and wouldn't have baulked at paying $5 to get another playthrough of a game struggling for value in a lot of people's minds? Thing is Resi4 on the Wii was the best version to me and as I've got two cams might well take this up if I can find a Gold Ed cheap enough(already got one for this very reason). Upstairs and downstairs co-op could be cool seeing as we already know the story anyway.

I just think they'd have made more out of this by doing what I said-hardly anyone will do it now-and can't you use a DS3 for the analog bits(only got one nav)?

BrianC62342859d ago

Capcom should at least put out a demo for us to at least see if we want to buy the Gold version.

Brklynty12859d ago

RE5 was developed before they knew about move and in RE5 all available memory was being used so in Gold edition thrn removed some memory to enable a move control patch. /capcom-explains-why-only-resid ent-evil-5-gold-edition-works-w ith-playstation-move/

blahblah2859d ago

they reworked memory handling in gold edition. but as someone who lives from writing software in his real life i really doubt that. even if they really did reworked everything about memory, they could still issue patch. memory handling almost always resides in fairly small portion of execution code. and taking conspiracy theory further, they probably just want to resell same game to same people again. this trend is kinda getting really lame, games sold partial when they came out and full after time passes by. fallout: new vegas, assassins creed 3... i'm not buying you until goty/full edition comes out.

in other words, i'm glad i didn't buy game when it came out. somehow game just didn't feel ok with standard controller so i got it today with full move pack.

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Hellsvacancy2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Theres no way on earth im ever going 2 play Resident Evil 5 again, Move or no Move, awful awful game, other people must b playin summin different 2 what ive played

Edit: ShadyDevil, thatll b another reason 4 me 2 hate on Res5

stragomccloud2859d ago

RE4 was the last RE for me. From now on it's looking like Dead Space has taken it's place.

Although my all time favorite horror game still remains Fatal Frame 4. The only game that has genuinely terrified me.

easto1a2859d ago

Might give this title another go now moves out

sickbird2859d ago

re5 works great with move, i still dont get why IGN said it didnt control well.

jack_burt0n2859d ago

in the uk it costs the same as all the dlc so worth it just to play the new chapters for me.

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