EA: We ruined Need For Speed with studio 'death march'

EA has admitted that the decline in both sales and quality of the Need for Speed franchise was its own fault - for overworking one of its studios.

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dangert122645d ago

I was never a fan of need for speed until
there underground serious came out
now its dead and im not a need for speed fan nomore

showtimefolks2645d ago

we need a new games from underground which is built right a lot of cars,unlimited custmization/big city without and wanna be story.

it would be nice if they could do that on a new enginewith smart AI and much improved graphics

ExplosionSauce2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

I must agree. I did enjoy the Underground games quite a bit.
Although Most Wanted was pretty awesome too.
A mix between the two would be great.

My only problems with the games is that it was always either eternal night or sunset. Lol

WildArmed2644d ago

I liked Most Wanted Better.

BUt Underground was very good as well.

EvilBlackCat2644d ago


Bring Back NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND that was fun

Redempteur2644d ago

undergound was cool , but that was the beggining of the end ..

nfs was okay
nfs2 was good
NFS 3 was awesome
NFS4 was okay
NFS porche was an okay game but not a good need for speed
undergournd was good , most wanted was very good
hot pursuit 2 was very good ..

All the rest is shit

XXXCouture2644d ago

first you guys complain and complain that you wanted hot pursuit back. and now you got hot pursuit back, you want underground back? geez..

SandRazor2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Hot Pursuit (Need for Speed 3, High Stakes, and Hot Pursuit 2) series was.

hot4play2644d ago

The original Hot Pursuit on the PS1 was my favorite! :)

rezzah2644d ago

The last best NFS was Most Wanted. We got Black Edition too so it was awesomer =)

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theonlylolking2644d ago

I loved the hot pursuit on PS2, this other one I cant remember and underground on PS2. All the others where ok or bad.

MGRogue20172644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

I think Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is going to somewhat redeem EA of all the criticism they've been getting with their previous NFS games..

I just know it, It's going to sell really well.. And people are going to have a blast on it! You can quote me on that too.. That's how confident I am about it. :P

Lazy_Gamer2644d ago

Wow now they're admitting? Not late at all eh, EA?

DelbertGrady2644d ago

Criterion won't make anyone disappointed.

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