Swing like a pro in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 with the PlayStation Move

Experience playing the world’s most famous golf courses from the comfort of your living room in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 for the PlayStation 3 – now featuring authentic golf swing motion with the PlayStation Move motion controller.

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DufferO82926d ago

and putting is EXTREAMLY difficult
easy with controler tho

Orange2926d ago

Is the use of Move defective, or too realistic? I'm hearing bad things about Move + Tiger.

I'm hoping John Daly works well. If so, my dad will be in love.

Jake11112926d ago

Why are people saying putting is tough. Just pull back until it hits the line after you setup your shot and shoot. I play just as good with the move controller than with the regular controller. I dont see what the fuss is about. It is much more fun and realistic.

krisq2926d ago

I have no problem with Tiger and Move at all. I hit birdies and pars almost all the time.

Urmomlol2926d ago

You copied and pasted a press release and then uploaded it?

Wow, how fucking lazy can you get?

Cryptech2926d ago

Agreed. I was expecting some help cuz the swing is hard as shit to get down with move. I saw the article and was like, wow thanks for the update jackass, lol!

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2926d ago

when you get the hang of the calibration tiger grows a powerful TIER 1 and all the women watching get pregnant beautiful stuff.

dragon822926d ago

This game is crazy accurate when playing with the MOVE. My swing in the game is exactly like my swing in real life.

dragon822926d ago

You trolls need to get a life and quit stalking me while I'm at the golf course.

krisq2926d ago

I have no problem with Move controls too. Could be because I played real golf before.

Ivan Drago IV2926d ago

The game is so fun with move, highly addictive also. It's extremely precise. I was also surprised at how many people played online also

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The story is too old to be commented.