COD4 Beta to be released tomorrow at 5PM PST

The roll out:
The beta is going to roll out in waves. Rather than just putting a million people in the beta and hope nothing goes wrong, we will ramp up the playercount over time.

As fourzerotwo mentioned, right now some friends/family are testing. The press will be joining in the next couple days -- including those of you who make it into the first wave.

No worries if you aren't in the very first wave (most won't be), we should have a new wave of players every day or so as we ramp up.

Details on how to register for your chance to be in the beta will be posted tomorrow at 5pm PST*. So stay tuned for details, it will be a limited time offer.

*= this may not be the only way to ever get in the beta, but it is the way to have a chance to get in the early waves.

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ChaosKnight3862d ago

I'll be in class that time =(

Jdash243862d ago

wtf r u doing.......if you tell them they will gotta keep the time under wraps!

@the guy above...........that totally sucks man

hgdaniel3862d ago

This has just been confirmed by fourzerotwo!

bluebrad19743862d ago

You probably just kept a ****load of us out of the beta because you blabbed.

Jdash243862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

dude u want everyone to know when the sign up will be?.....just keep it quiet til we get in....then blab to whoever you want hella paranoid.......i just wanna get in that beta pretty bad.......i mean the halo 3 beta kicked ass.....and this one will too

hgdaniel3862d ago

dude registrations on charlieoscardelta are closed anyways.. does it matter?

bluebrad19743862d ago

are you positive that registrations are closed? God, I hope so...

Jdash243862d ago

Being released tomorrow would be a really bad idea, BIOSHOCK is being released tomorrow!!!!!!!!
We need time to play that too

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The story is too old to be commented.