PlayStation Store Preview – September 21, 2010

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in our weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed and rumored content, as well as a look into the future in our coming soon section.

NOTE: Due to scheduled maintenance occurring on September 21, 2010, the North American PlayStation Store will be updated tonight, on September 20, 2010.

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Taggart4512856d ago

I've been wanting to try out Enslaved for quite some time, so I'm really excited for that.

I hope they'll make a DeathSpank bundle some times soon, I think it'd be a smart idea. Not THAT much of a difference, maybe have both games for like...25 bucks or something.

Sonic'm scared to even try it. It'll ruin my opinion of Sonic even more after I loved it back in the day.

doctorstrange2856d ago

Yeah, I'm trying not to get my hopes up for sonic, Tis damn hard

Sev2856d ago

There's a very good chance of that happening, its on the rumored list on page 2 with a ton of other demos. 7 demos are coming to the update but we aren't sure which ones.

You need a Move to play echochrome ii, no Dualshock 3 support.

BulletProofVess2856d ago

it was part of the last update in the UK

GuruStarr782856d ago

get a european acct and play it now, bro...

Trexman892856d ago

I guess im picking up thongs of virtue....damn, cliffhanger ending

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Sev2856d ago

All I care about this week is the 3F Blu-Ray firmware update. I have 5 3D Blu-Ray movies sitting waiting for a month now with no way to watch them.

I'll finally get some more money's worth out of my 3DTV.

GuruStarr782856d ago

Sounds like jealousy...that's what all fanboys are...they talk down about the console or TV they don't have, and then give it nothing but praise when they get one of their own.

jack_burt0n2856d ago

shame no demo for raizing storm on the store or a chance to get a look at blade kitten.

Myst2856d ago

Blade Kitten also launches today! From another source so just to let you guys at Playstation Lifestyle know. :)

Sev2856d ago

I could have sworn I already updated it to include Blade Kitten.

MGRogue20172856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Wow... You guys in the US still haven't received the Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Demo yet? Daaaamn. Us Europe/UK'ers have had it for quite some time now.

Enjoying it immensely too, lots of action that keeps you engaged all the time & great camera work.. apart from when your battling, of couse.. The camera gets a tad bit annoying at times.

... I know that some US guys have UK PSN accounts so some of 'em have got their grubby hands on it! It works the same way for us UK'ers aswell.. we have US PSN accounts.. I love the fact that we're able to do this.. have two accounts in different regions/countries.. awesome, I even have a Japanese account :P

BulletProofVess2856d ago

i a US user who has a uk PSN that I used to purchase Flight Control HD

since Firemint confirmed that it wont ever be coming to the US PSN store

all i had to do is get a uk psn card off ebay

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The story is too old to be commented.