Videogamer: Yakuza 4 Preview

Videogamer writes: "In between typing the very words that you're reading now, I've been staring out the window of a hotel in Yokohama, Tokyo. It's weird, because the whole city feels strangely familiar to me; the bustling streets, the diddy little noodle joints, the infinitude of vending machines, the general hubbub of daily life, and I can attribute that familiarity to only one thing: the Yakuza series. While the beat 'em up mechanics at its core are more than a little over the top, the world itself is brought to life with stunning attention to detail. The fourth game in the series returns to Kamurocho; a fictional yet entirely realistic take on Shinjuku's red-light district, Kabukichō. This is where the next arch of Kazuma Kiryu's turbulent dealings with the Yakuza takes place, although this time around he's going to have to share it with others."

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NabikiTendo2803d ago

yakuza 4 is gonna be a beast. i love ya sega.

Fulensenca2803d ago

I Love Yakuza series. But I don' t love SEGA so much lately ... Valkyria Chronicles 2 and VC 3 should be both -also- on PS3 ; ;