IGN: Planet Minigolf Now PlayStation Move Ready

Major game update enables the PlayStation Move motion controller & adds a ton of new features.

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Game-ur2804d ago

This game or Tiger Woods PGA tour, which is better?

jack_burt0n2804d ago

minigolf is super simple, the motion control is basically about power of shot its still done well but hey its minigolf, tiger on the other hand if u get used to the slightly slower "always on" calibration is so good that it would improve your real life game.

Other thing to note one is £6 and one is £25 and playing tiger as a party game is not going to happen, where as planet mini is good fun.

Game-ur2804d ago

Checked out a review on YouTube, it does look a lot of fun, I will add it to my PSN Move games list.

And with this and other Move supported PSN games you can have an alternate Move sports game.

Next thing I want to know is how the Move upgrade will work with MLB the Show.

So far other than the bundled Sports Champion and STP, all my wanted Move games are on PSN:

Kung Fu Live
Flight Control HD
Hustle Kings
High Velocity Bowling

But the fun REALLY starts with Time Crisis: Razing Storm

Topshelfcheese2804d ago


Just a slight correction for you and others who think the same thing. Kung Fu Live is not a Move game, it only uses the PS eye to play it.

Myze2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Can't wait for that Hot Shots! Golf Move game. By far the most fun golf series, in my opinion, and probably my favorite sports series of any type.

Omegasyde2804d ago

Tiger woods (newest one) is $40 USD at the Target stores in North America.

chasegarcia2804d ago

planet mini golf is fun but has horrible graphics.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

This is the pointless demo available for Move?

Raoh2804d ago

i deleted the demo cause it lacked thne move support.. maybe i'll redownload it..

BYE2804d ago

I didn't get very far in this game due to lack of precision.

With Move it should work much better.