Resident Evil 5 MOVE Impressions

Adam Guy writes: "Of all the games that have been released to coincide with the launch of Sony’s new Move controller the large majority, if not all, are aimed squarely at the casual gamer. Presumably in an attempt at wooing the some of Nintendo’s fan base which might be getting bored waiting on news of the long rumoured Wii HD."

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killyourfm2920d ago

Nice writeup, sounds like it'll take some getting used to. Cannot WAIT to play Heavy Rain with the MOVE.

GodFather_872920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I will enjoy it with MOVE. A friend just played HR and said it's awesome. So I can't wait too.

forcefullpower2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I bought it for £15 when i got the MOVE. I have to admit that i hated the controls when using the DS3. The MOVE is a lot better but they still did not think out the buttons to use when doing certain things.

Such a shame they could have made feel as fluid as it should have. You litterally have to rethink how you use the controller and that is not moves fault.


I've heard the game gives you by default the ''A'' Control configuration.

You should try the ''B'' Control configuration, probably is better than A.

KillerPwned2920d ago

I bought this along with my move cannot wait to get play it. RE4 was amazing with motion controls i expect no less.

SIX2920d ago

You cant shoot without trigger which is complete fail. New controls make the game feel fresh again so that's pretty good. If they patch it with more types of control options this game will o from good to great.

mightydog012920d ago

its great with move wants you mastered the controls its so much better than ds3. Me and my mate are loving it. Move+nav is a great buy and well recommended.

Silly Mammo2920d ago

I'm really gutted that Capcom won't patch the original RE:5 version as well. I really want to try it with the Move, but I'm not going to repurchase the game.

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