DTG: Review- Sports Champions

The Playstation Move launch was greeted with many a title cashing-in on the new entry in motion control. But what of the bundled Sports Champions? Dedicated To Gamers get hands-on and review the game.

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SillySundae2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

... you seem to be at every Move article and being negative about it.

You probably haven't played it for you to know what the game deserves.

Don't show your insecurities please.

I never thought I'd like this game.

But for some strange reason ... I am having a blast with it.
My daughter loves the archery game.

ndibu2860d ago

But I'll admit, some of them slip thru the cracks. However, like any good troll, I will continue trying my best. I'm just grateful my work is recognised. /s
If ps3fanboys can troll kinect articles, the Move games reviews are fair game. Get over it