Blade Kitten Launches This Week on PSN!

"Hey there everybody, Steve Stamatiadis here again for one final blog about everyone’s favorite pink haired catgirl game, Blade Kitten. The game is just about to finally hit the PlayStation Network and you’ll be able to try it out, buy it and enjoy it. Pretty cool, huh?" Playstation Blog

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Game-ur2921d ago

Is it a complete game or just the first episode?

Myst2921d ago

*busts out debit card and waits for Tuesday to arrive*


BulletProofVess2921d ago

because of the whole maintenance issue

im really waiting for echochrome ii

Myst2921d ago

Ah your right! I just read a few posts and they said it would be tonight which is even better!

Slient Knight 92921d ago

finally been waiting so, long for this game.

Acquiescence2921d ago

They've everywhere, I freakin' swear. You can't watch an anime these days without one rearing its ugly head. Do people find them alluring or something?

And yeah, this game looks good and stuff.

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