Warfighting on the most advanced console works like a charm

After last year's disappointing and watered-down PS2 port of the first GRAW title, this is PlayStation's first proper look at Ubisoft's reinvigorated tactical shooter. An extension of the original Ghost Recon series, Advanced Warfighter is set a little further into the future - we're now shooting the happy residents of 2014 - and is more heavily focused on the sophisticated battle gear of tomorrow than the early titles. It's also a massive graphical leap over its predecessors, showcasing incredibly human character models and "so life-like we must actually be watching Fox News"-style battlegrounds.

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Bigmac5733805d ago

Might check this one out.

ALI-G3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

i thought they are talking about the $600 Blue-ray player that comes with gaming-like controler but u cannot use it

ShiftyLookingCow3805d ago

its been long since I have seen GRAW 2 360 screenshots, the lighting seems to have improved a lot. This is not my type of game though. If I finish and enjoy GRAW on 360, I will get this for PS3 probably next year.

joeymp3805d ago

I freaking hate how all these websites are saying that GRAW 2 for PS3 is just a port of the 360 version, when in actuality it was designed and developed along side the 360 version since the beginning. Ubisoft confirmed it, and the reason it took longer to come out was because, they wanted to take the time to learn the hardware so that they wouldn't have a crappy game!

nix3805d ago

wow! that gotta piss off lot of fanboys... q:

good review though!

ShiftyLookingCow3805d ago

hey I have a 360 bias and it pissed me at first, but think of it PS3 is overall most advanced because of Cell and Blu ray and on top of that its reliable. 360's main power is its ati graphics and unified memory(cpu is just good enough to utilize them, nothing like Cell), of course its assembly is cr*p.

Panthers3805d ago

I dont know many people that will get this game. Most Sony people that would get this game are Socom fans and dont like this game at all. Well I might get it if the online is set up better than R6V. At least have lobbies in the game...

Kleptic3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

agreed...Vegas was a huge disappointment in that sense...

If Vegas has the same online setup on XBL as the is simply unacceptable to have to pay for XBL...I know XBL is only peer to peer from the start...but the lobby system had better be put together better for at least seeing which games are being played and how many people etc....Vegas was regarded as one of the best online games for the 360 for nearly a year now...and the peer to peer nature of it results in inconsistent experiences...

Resistance with a far superior lobby system and dedicated servers (which Warhawk will do also) toasts Vegas...I am a slightly unhappy that I bought reviews pointed out that it was only peer to peer...had a terrible match making system that only allowed auto joins, etc...had I known any of that, I would have just rented it first...

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