The Top 5 PS3 Firmware Updates

TSA Writes:
The PS3′s been going for a while now, and whilst most of us know the console is regularly updated few of us have ever looked back at what those system software changes were, and which ones could be considered ‘the best’.

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dangert122710d ago

ps4 0.00 -it has party chat

FACTUAL evidence2710d ago

Anywho....nothing beats 2.40. Sony put in voice messaging and I would call the next update even with 2.40.

RosoTron362710d ago

Top 5 of the best "Top 5" articles...

Then I can finally say. "Wow, Top 5 articles rock!" /s

lolzers2710d ago

I'm looking forward to 'Top 5 power switches', 'Top 5 game manuals' and 'Top 5 letters of the alphabet'.

writersblock2710d ago

complain, complain, complain
Whats wrong with organizing an article into a nice list?

MGRogue20172710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Ooooooh.. I love new PS3 firmware updates..

Who the fuck doesn't? Seriously. Get more stuff for free? Coooooome on.. Hell yeah. :P

So really, I'd class all of 'em as my favourite.. except maybe the one that just removes the OtherOS, of course.

Hellsvacancy2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I know, this is so dumb, its that dumb its dumber then me which must b REALLY dumb

Must b a slow news day "in other news, the 360 gets an exclusive.......*video* of Bioshock 2 tomorrow"

I keep dreamin im gonna c HitMan V on N4G any day now, id hav a heart attack if that was 2 happen

Frulond2710d ago

prolly nothing to do with this article but... has anyone noticed the PSN Beta option in the dropdown list when loggen in

go check it out, doesn't let me in tho... i get "Your permissions do not allow you access to this section."

screenie here:

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The story is too old to be commented.