Batman Arkham Asylum compared with Batman Begins

Gareth from compares two older Batman games to see what made one better then the other. In this case he compares Batman Begins to Batman: Arkham Asylum

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versusALL2928d ago

hmm, not a bad article I guess, Can't wait for Arkham City, and also, I can't wait for the next batman movie

JohnApocalypse2928d ago

If they do pmake a third movie have Kevin Conroy play as Batman (Or just have his voice)

antz11042928d ago


LtSkittles2928d ago

I think Rocksteady are the Christopher Nolan of Batman videogames, and I can't wait for Arkham City, or Batman 3.

FAGOL2928d ago

ohohoh u jus gave me a thought Christopher Nolan working with Rocksteady. ooooooooooooooooooooooo.

qadsia1232928d ago

The batman begins game was cool the batmobile chases were done greatly hopefully arkham city has vehicles...

CobraKai2927d ago

I think so too. Batman Begins was the only Batgame that I played more than once

Rahim922928d ago

Batman Begins was a really good under-rated game IMO. Its what that got me into Arkham Asylum, which was even more amazing.

antz11042928d ago

From a different standpoint I think AA is going to do for Batman games what Batman Begins did for the movies.