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Scorched Angel Writes: There are games that come around that define a console generation, games that show that a game can be more than just a game, it can be an experience. I believe that Halo Reach is one of those games. It is the definition of complete; there is not a single aspect that isn't fully polished. Not many games can say that. So put away your Modern Warfare and your Madden, because the biggest game of 2010 is here, and it is incredible.

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DelbertGrady2928d ago

"It is the definition of complete; there is not a single aspect that isn't fully polished."

Spot on.

Convas2928d ago

Agreed! Bungie went out with one hell of a bang, and you can be sure 343 is watching and taking notes. They know they have some unbelievably big shoes to fill.

T9X692928d ago

There's only ONE thing making me not agree with that statement. The stupid betrayal boot system, I hate when people boot me for their stupidity. "Hey guys, it's a beautiful day to run in front of a giant ass tank you can see a mile alway, then boot the person for running me over." To many people boot people for accidents that happen, and it only hurts their team since they are loosing a player. Other than that, everything feels very polished, I honestly can't get enough of this game.

-Alpha2928d ago

I've betrayed at least 3 people so far. Either they forgave me or the system decided not to boot me.

They need to make the system recognize some forms of team deaths. Like fully spraying your teammate should be instant-boot.

Besides that I find the game awesomely polished, it's jam packed with content.

Roozium2928d ago

They are fixing it right now so don't worry.

kaveti66162928d ago

the decision to boot a traitor lies with the victim only after the traitor has committed the act twice.

I think they just forgave you because they thought it was an accident or something.

otherZinc2928d ago

Honest review of Halo:Reach.

I've read lie after lie, nitpick after nitpick & if you stack Reach vs All other console shooters: there is no comparison!

AwesomeJizz2928d ago

Is this review a part of Metacritic?

MGRogue20172928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

... I still think it's kinda the same as Halo 3 / Halo: ODST with just a few minor additions added. Armor customization is useless.

Oops.. Be gentle please. >.<

T9X692928d ago

No. Halo 3 and ODST sucked. Reach is amazing.

-Alpha2928d ago

I liked 3.

As for being the same, well it's a sequel. Change it too much and people will complain it's too different. Especially with a game like Halo where the feeling, to me, is balanced.

Armor Abilities change a lot, I don't know why you say it doesn't. Most importantly is that it's 100% balanced-- everybody is on the same playing field.

coolbeans2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I fail to see how either of them sucked. Both had great moments and added more things than Reach did. That doesn't make Reach worse though, I just couldn't get enough of Forge on 3 and Firefight for ODST when they released.

anticooper2928d ago

looking forward to playing it:-)

KillerBBs2927d ago

Same old Crap with a bunch of 16 year olds definding this title like if they were the ones that designed this crappy remake. What a crappy lobby too. Most unbalanced weapons ever. Whine... hey man let me get that snipper gun.... cry cry. betrayal.