PSU Exclusive Interview: Condemned 2: M Rating, PS3 & 360, Sixaxis, Multiplayer & More

In PSU's exclusive interview with Dave Hasle, the games Senior Producer, unravels all new details on this highly anticipated first-person horror sequel.

PSU: What differences, even if minimal, are there between the 360 version of this game and the PlayStation 3 version? Would you consider one version technically better than the other one?

Dave: Our differences are minimal at this time, mostly on the technical back-end side such as memory management and modifications for the rendering. On the game side, there are some things that we want to do but only time will tell – so I am going to keep this under my hat for now.

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MK_Red3959d ago

They did say that they had to cut a few things to keep ESRB happy. First Manhunt 2 gets banned and now Condemned to is censored. What has become of gaming?

DrPirate3959d ago

Damn, I have to get a 360 to play the first one in order to get the full story?

Full version of Condemned: Criminal Origins on the Blu-Ray disk or no buy.

mikeslemonade3959d ago

Sega makes good ports to the PS3. PS3 had a better version of Virtua Tennis than the 360 and that game was released same day or same week.