Ubisoft Massive Hiring For Multiplatform, "World Class" FPS Multiplayer Title

A job listing has revealed that World in Conflict developer Ubisoft Massive is working on a multiplayer title in the first-person genre for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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eggbert2885d ago

didn't EA have a listing for the exact same type of game? Actually, I think they said AAA right? Is "World-Class" the same or what?

Hopefully these games will actually be good and not just hype from the companies.

mjolliffe2885d ago

Same thoughts here. There's a lot of hype for titles these days that turn into fails.

Saying that though, we've had some cracking titles from both EA and Ubisoft, so I have confidence in them.

Blackpool2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

a new rainbow six vegas came out i mean i played the first two..more than cod. i also liked the cover system and co-op it was pretty smooth..

Elwenil2884d ago

Eh, screw Vegas. Been there, done that. Twice. It's time to move on but it's long overdue for Ubi to get off their ass and make another Rainbow Six game. Hopefully one that goes back to the series roots instead of the glorified SWAT team that the two Vegas games were.

FOXDIE2884d ago

for everyones information, this game has been in the works for about a year. They have alot of QA people working on it as we speak.

I meet their CEO, and told him I wanted a job. He said, well QA is something for you. Then I applied, and nothing happened lol :(

scruffy_bear2885d ago

I'll wait to see in game screens before I jump on the hype train

albel_nox2885d ago

Another day, another FPS is in the works.

bjornbear2884d ago

another project that lacks creativity -_- seriously, people should give FPS a break its getting over saturated

solar2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

any way to make money off console lemmings who continuously buying shovelware....developers are going to do it. i can only think of one developer that actually makes new, innovative FPS games....can you guess who im thinking of? ;)

it's like the PC MMO market. many, many have tried to jump onto WoW's success train. but many, many fail. only difference is the PC gamer doesnt buy everything shoveled to them.

damnyouretall2884d ago

fps shooters inovate and evolve the genre. personaly i want to see them get better over the years

SpaceSquirrel2885d ago

I wonder what it could be.

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The story is too old to be commented.