Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Move Review (

"Shooting your enemies is more accurate than ever before thanks to Move. If you’ve played RE4 on Wii then you should have some idea of how much freedom you have. But what’s really strange is that shooting is not mapped to the trigger button. It’s mapped to the Move button. It’s not a bad choice by any means, but it’s a strange one. The buttons seem randomly assigned and although everything works very well, you can’t help but feel Capcom could have made life easier for themselves and us by sticking to a more traditional motion controller control set up."

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8-bit2928d ago

Loving this game with MOVE. It is more fun than the DS3 in my opinion. I can't wait to try out more core games like MAG, LBP2 and Killzone 3 with MOVE!

MGRogue20172928d ago

Hmmmm... I dunno. I don't really see the point of buying this if you've already completed the game.

There could be some enjoyment when using it with PS Move.. but, it's the same game that's been out for quite some time now.. & just a bit of added content.

If you want to buy it, buy it. That's all I can say.. sorry for all that garbage I typed above. -.-

RealityCheck2927d ago

Doesn't this mean that it won't work with all those gun accessories if you can't shoot with the trigger? Seems like a very silly oversight. Maybe they can patch a button remap option.

SeanScythe2927d ago

It works well me and my friend played the game over the weekend and it was both the first time we played the game he used the DS3 and I used move with Nav Control and I was getting higher Accuracy then him in most levels. Also the knifing and being able to run while holding the L1 instead of L3 was a lot better. I tried to switch to the DS3 and I hated the controls the aiming was crap.

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