Video Game Warzone #101

Halo Reach
Best Graphics
Spoiling the game
Project Draco
FirePro Avatar
Radiant Silvergun
Steel Battalion
GT5 Weather
The Last Guardian
Virtua On 4
Devil May Cry
Xbox Live 12 months for $30
Enslaved Demo on psn
Sega Shirts are in

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otherZinc2922d ago

Torrence, I also agree with both Ice & Hated a little.
SONY, M$, & Nintendo are in this for the business profit, they need us & provide a great service.

However, I wont buy a game if it doesn't have the features I believe it should have:

ex: my favorite game Halo; I purchased 2 Halo 2 games to play co-op with my son, game released with no link or online co-op. I was pissed! I complained wherever I could on various sites about not purchasing the next iteration & what did they do: Give us 4 player campaign co-op!

ASSASSYN 36o2922d ago

Which begs the question... Why didn't you do ten seconds of research or ask the sales rep if halo 2 had online coop?