Kinect vs. Playstation Move Comparison

Funny Kinect and Playstation Move comparison from Fun anime characters says all you need to know about both motion systems.

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nix2854d ago

for the umpteenth time!

inveni02854d ago

Looks like this article writer is trying to hit 500 on N4G.

ConanOBrien2854d ago

Kinect is pretty much the next gen version of motion controls while Move technology is really in the 80's timezone.

DatNJDom812854d ago

Ur not serious are you? Funny fanboy is funny.

monk3392854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

So, here we have it DatNJDom81, two statements with one question, wich one is the funny fanboy is funny statement.

statement 1: Kinect is pretty much the next gen version of motion controls while Move technology is really in the 80's timezone.

statement 2: Move is pretty much the next gen version of motion controls while Kinect technology is really in the 80's timezone.

check the correct answer
( ) Statement 1
( ) Statement 2
( ) Both?

If you answered statement 1, you are a funny fanboy is funny. If you answered 2, you are a funny fanboy is funny. If you answered both, grats! You are not a tard.

Theonik2854d ago

You're right the Eyetoy came in the 2000s. :P

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dredgewalker2854d ago

I know..... it's quite tiring. What do you mean umpteenth time? Its more like a hundredth time since the two were announced! I have Move since I only own a PS3 so I don't care about how Kinect will work for the 360 since I don't have one and as long as Sony makes sure to give me core games then I won't ever complain. Anyways I'm happy with the Move cause its really responsive and even space isn't an issue for 2 players.

koh2854d ago

Well if you only have a PS3, have no interest in Kinect, but have already made a decision on Move, then an article titled "Kinect vs. Move" probably isn't for you. I'd just keep on scrolling 'til I find another ridiculous top 10 list.

Keyop2854d ago

It's great now that they've 'both' been released so we can have a 'real' comparison isn't it.....oh...wait...

SillySundae2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

- People trying out the product have a working version on their hands I presume.
... coz IMHO it will be DUMB to give them a defective one to review
...... which unfortunately is sometimes how it appears to be with a certain product I won't name

- People who wrote comparison articles I also assume have tried both tech.

But I could be wrong.

IneedWeed2854d ago

We don't need to see a finish product to know that Kinect is an Epic Flail. You're still going to stand up, holding out your hands, and spinning, jumping around to play Joy Ride.

butterfinger2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

"Response is good but nothing different from Wii." We all know he is referring to Move, of course. This "comparison" was actually pretty boring, though. Of course, the little N4G fan kiddies will be out in droves to constantly defend Move as being more responsive and accurate than the Wii, even if most people say that they can't tell any difference. lol. Bring on the wave of disagrees now, you ignorant mob.

SillySundae2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )


<-- COZ YOU REMOVED AN IMPORTANT PART (hopefully unintentional)... -->
----------------------------- -----------------------------
"Response is good but nothing different from Wii. Hope other games can do better."
MY REPLY:--So is it the tech or is it the game?
----------------------------- -----------------------------

"If you want simple game Kinect is ok, but PS Move's response is better. Kinnect always lose contact, the alarm message often show up to ask player return to the playing area, even he is not far away from the center."

"And Kinect need instructor to teach you, otherwise you can't play well. Wii and PS Move have a stick and you can easily understand what you can do. Of course that's a problem of game design. Dance Evolution is fine even no instruction beforehand. Good game would be more interesting, but a bad game would become rubbish totally on Kinect."

outrageous2854d ago

@Butter...I agree, the Move, as of right now doesn't do anything the Wii doesn't do and the biggest difference was suppose to be the graphics and so far, there's not much of a difference in the graphics that I've seen. It's Nintendo fault for not patenting the lay out of the controllers...Nintendo have admitted as much. There are a couple of Sony Move threads where the PS3 kids are excited about Racket ball/ Sony Move sports like it's the first time it's being

Kinect is not out for 2 more months...yes the PREVIEWS of the device have been on the Internet since E3 and has been shown all over the world BUT the official launch is in November. Why would you want to compare it now??? Should we compare Rage, Gears 3, Kz and crysis next?

Doesn't matter, M$ Kinect line up completely out classes Sony's line up. The Kinect games use Kinects unique game play elements to near full effect and judging by the next line of games coming out in 6-8 months completely blows the Wii and is copy cat Wii hd right out of the water. Keep playing the Sony demo's and M$ will be delivering the games.

Now, if you want to debate the price of the games...well...they are all bad, the Wii being the worst. These games should be $19.99 at the extreme most...$9.99 being the most appropriate. They are ALL gimmick closed.

kfloydchicken2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

".I agree, the Move, as of right now doesn't do anything the Wii doesn't do and the biggest difference was suppose to be the graphics and so far, there's not much of a difference in the graphics that I've seen."

So you're saying that WII can do:
- AUGMENTED REALITY (like start the party),
- 3D SPACE TRACKING for games like tumble, echochrome,
- How about DUAL MOTION CONTROLLER games (e.g sword and shield games)?

It is clear in your statement that WII can do anything the MOVE can do. You even said "CASED CLOSED" like you'e defending a case or something.

So here is a courtroom type question for you (just YES and NO, no BUTs)

Can the WII do anything the MOVE can [y/n] ?


strickers2854d ago

I actually own both and I can attest to Move being much more responsive and accurate.Can you make a prolonged comparison of both or are you making an assumption.Most people can't tell the difference between Cheryl Cole and music.Does that mean there is none?
Pot,kettle,black on the ignorance.

butterfinger2854d ago

Oh, you own both, huh? Guess what, I own both too and I can personally attest to the fact that there is no difference. You owning anything equates to absolutely nothing on the internet.

strickers2854d ago

I guess you saying that means it's impossible I'm more discerning or sensitive than you.I can tell you how it's technically more sensitive too.

strickers2854d ago

I guess you know better than the 90% of reviewers who take my viewpoint too.You are wonderful.

butterfinger2854d ago

It must be wonderful to live in your world where you can say %90 of some group of people agrees with you without being able to back up that claim at all. I understand, though. Keep justifying that $100 you spent on Wii Sports HD, I mean Sports Champions. That is some truly innovative stuff you got there. Lol.

n4gno2854d ago

Butterfinger and outrageous living in dream land, are searching for tiny little sentences, in japan chat, to fight 300 reviews :)

pathetics fanboyz in denial.

@outrageous, you can spin an deny facts like accuracy, 3D possibilities, wireless, etc for move (and sony inovation : eye toy/kinect), because you don't want to read reviews, and don't want, or can't try move, but talking about graphics, is really the funniest jokes of the weeks, even steevie wonder can see the differences.

strickers2853d ago

You haven't played it,have you?
Are you 12?
Dollars,no thanks.I spend pounds.You probably don't know what that means since you seem a little dim.
Point is,Sports Champions is good.What else do you need at launch.The hardware is outstanding.

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Solid_Snakeps32854d ago

move wins, kinect fails. Done.

hennessey862854d ago

its going to be the other way round my friend

butterfinger2854d ago

We all know how popular and mainstream is. Sony should be grateful.

It's hilarious how Sony can come out and make a small quote and the morons on this site lap it up.

mushroomwig2854d ago

That was really strange, and the translation was slight off in a few places.

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