Playstation Move Vs. Wii Remote (Motion Plus)

In this video, Jon Rettinger will be comparing the Playstation 3’s Move motion controller and the Nintendo Wii Remote.

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8-bit2921d ago

lol last night I was playing Gladiator on Sports Champions and I kept flicking my wrist to swipe my sword thinking it was the wii. Haha the sword would only flick and it wouldn't swipe across the screen until I realized that flicking my wrist wouldn't work. 1:1 my friends

darthv722921d ago

try playing the wii after getting adjusted to the move. It is quite funny to see.

Kill Crow2920d ago

A picture of nick clegg holding a Move controlle wit a big smile on his face, but the caption read "Nick Clegg delighted at his high score whilst playing Archery on the Nintendo Wii ...

I wonder just how many parents are going to get mixed up over the foloowing 6 months and buy a wii for their kids instead of a PS3 & Move ... lol

Seferoth752921d ago

So you are saying you were flicking your wrist(Wii Sports) in a sword fight on Wii?(Sports resort with Motion plus).

Yeah you might want to actually play Sports Resort or at least look into it online, change your story around a bit and try again, cause that is just complete failure.

N4g_null2921d ago

What is funny is youve never played resort have you? I mean damn do you work for fox news network or some thing?

Try that lame flicking and you will die in the samuri showdown of resort where a bunch of mii run after you while you take them out while defending your self with one to one motion.

Again this is a repost but applies here it's resort not sports. Also the strikes are partly mapped on move also.

None of you are good at fencing so your 1:1 would be rubbish. Come on please dont talk about what you dont know.

DarkFantasy2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

those mii's in samuri showdown can really catch you off guard LOL ..but yeah wii motion plus is better then most people give it credit for hell the wii is better then most people give it credit for..i cant wait for the new Zelda! its going to be awesome!

room in my house for both TBH!

theonlylolking2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Very good review although he said kratos in a weird way.

chriski3332921d ago

I want to buy move 2day just have to find a store that has them instock
but yea the wii has nothing on move it only everything and takes over aswell

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dredgewalker2921d ago

We just bought 2 Move units today and it feels a lot lighter and more comfortable than the Wiimote. I'm itching to see how this will be better than a controller on fps games. Tried the Time Crisis demo and it works great.

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The story is too old to be commented.