COD Black Ops Zombies: Is Just Surviving Enough?

Product Reviews writes that Zombies in Call of Duty World at War was not only impressive, but it was the start of something that needs to be expanded. Just like Black Ops has had some welcomed enhancements for online play, we need the “Zombie” idea to be expanded. Will just surviving be enough in the Black Ops Zombie Mode?

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Mr Tretton2921d ago

Going to be interesting if Trey > IW

MysticStrummer2921d ago

I think Treyarch should make a standalone zombie game. Zombies in videogames deserve to be more than just an afterthought, though I wouldn't mind if more games had that same afterthought tacked on. I personally think Nazi Zombies is a better zombie experience than either Left for Dead game, though I enjoyed what little time I had with both and hope the series comes to PS3 now that Valve has seen the light.

xAlmostPro2921d ago

well after WaW was out i mentioned to a treyarch dev on twitter that they should make a full zombies game.. and my reply was "its been in talks at the treyarchs meetings :)"..

so who knows maybe its not fully in this game?(although we know you can have the original 4 maps from WaW) maybe its even what sledgehammer games are producing

2921d ago
ALICE6662921d ago

Zombie mode is so 2008

They need a defend against Ninjas mode. Make it happen and I'll buy CoD again.

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