Playstation Move Vs. Xbox 360 Kinect

It was only a matter of time before the war of words continued between Microsoft and Sony, as Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has spoken out on the lineup of PS Move software, days after it’s release in the US.

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Prcko2923d ago

Move wins,end of discussion!

dangert122923d ago

this is as pointless as
ps+ vs xbl gold
there both services but go in to different directions
same with these motion controls

WildArmed2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Move is designed to be an ALTERNATE control scheme to the DS3..
While Natal.. err Kinect is designed to be a new type of controller.

I dont know why Greenberg would say: "A lot of the games made for Move are really controller-based games that [developers have] added the Move functionality to.”"

The POINT of move was to give you another way to play games.. it's an alternate controller scheme.
While we still have games developed SOLELY for Move, the fact that Sony isn't isolating the Move users from the DS3 users is an upside.. not a downside.
The fact that they implemented Move post-launch of Re5/HR shows how easy it is to implement. And shows how well the Move community and DS3 community can co-exist.

colonel1792923d ago

"A lot of the games made for Move are really controller-based games that [developers have] added the Move functionality to.”

Most of what we've seen of Kinect is controller-based games added the "kinect functionality": Pacman, Sonic Riders, etc...

outrageous2923d ago

He didn't say anything nobody with half a brain doesn't know...Sony Move is being patched into games that were designed for a good old regular controller...whats wrong?

His point that a game needs to be built from the ground up to really work with a device like Sony's Wii rip off, Move, is right on the money.

The Kinect games being shown are using Kinect's abilities that a regular controller doesn't offer.

Anton Chigurh2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I'm 100% sure that my mouse beats PS Move Accuracy and my keyboard has zero lag time.

Keep that Sh!t for the Casuals.

darthv722923d ago

both need time to develop and then you will see some impressive games/features you wont be able to play with a regular controller.

btk2923d ago

You could just not resist calling Move a ripoff. And singing the "from the ground up" mantra and the "unique Kinect features" which no one looking can find.

Simple thing is - Kinect games are not unique. Many of them are more evident of a game being forced to work in a way that does not make sense. Joyride for example. Good thing car manufacturers don't plan making cars steer like this. Table tennis with your hands. WTF?

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8-bit2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Move wins hands down. After actually experiencing how accurate Move is, and seeing all of the videos on youtube for Kinect. There is just no comparison.

Not only the fact that Move works and works well while Kinect hasn't proven itself to work with the games they show. But the fact that Move has actual games that gamers play while Kinect will only have casual rail based experiences.

Comparing the two only makes Move look better.

Hands Up For Games2923d ago


so let me get this straight. You have personal hands on experience is using Move and can therefore pass judgement on it, yet you are passing judgement on Kinect by using Youtube?

One of the people on my Friends list has been on the Kinect beta and he's enjoyed it! I also know a few people who went to the public Kinect days in London and they enjoyed it as well!!

Does that mean that everyones wrong and you're right, there right and you're wrong or everyones wrong and no ones right? Im confused.

zootang2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

@Hands Up for games

What games has he been playing with Kinect? Any shooters? I've been enjoying The Shoot and Mag beta with Move. I think it's great!


* Beat Sketcher (Fall 2010)
* SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs (Fall 2010)
* echochrome ii (Sept. 2010)
* Tumble (Sept. 2010)
* Hustle Kings (Oct. 2010)
* The Fight: Lights Out™ (Oct. 2010)
* The Shoot™ (Oct. 2010)
* High Velocity Bowling (Oct. 2010)
* PAIN (Oct. 2010)
* Heavy Rain® (Oct. 2010)
* Little Big Planet™ 2 (Nov. 2010)
* Sly Collection (Nov. 2010)
* Heroes On The Move (Working Title) (2011)
* Killzone®3 (2011)
* Sorcery (2011)
* John Daly's ProStroke Golf (OG International) (Fall 2010)
* Racquet Sports (Ubisoft) (Fall 2010)
* The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest (Sept. 2010)
* Brunswick® Pro Bowling (Crave) (Sept. 2010)
* Resident EviL®5 Gold Edition (Capcom) (Sept. 2010)
* RUSE (Ubisoft) (Sept. 2010)
* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 (Electronic Arts) (Sept. 2010)
* Time Crisis: Razing Storm (Bandai Namco) (Sept. 2010)

Am I missing any?

N4PS3Fanboys2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Microsoft just announced a bunch of core games for Kinect at TGS (Codename D, Project Draco, Haunt, Rise of Nightmares, and Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor) so the casual thing no longer stands. Unless you're talking about Move, maybe? Kung Fu Rider? Sports Champions? EyePet?


A lot of those games are just regular titles with added Move support. They're not built from the ground up for Move like these games I listed are for Kinect. This was the point Aaron Greenberg was trying to make, and he's absolutely right.

raztad2923d ago

What are those "core" gamers for Kinetic? someone got a video with gameplay?

Hands Up For Games2923d ago


What does it matter what genre he was playing?

He played it and had fun with it. Deal with it.

I thought everyone called the Xbox the ShooterBox, now MS are trying to get away from that stereotype (and all stereotypes are bad and wrong) people are deriding them for it.

On this site MS just cant win, thank God this site isnt the World, its actually just an eeny weeny tiny percentage of all gamers out there.

Im not saying Move is bad, it actually looks really good but I havent played it or Kinect so I wont pass judgement until I do.

zootang2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

@Hands Up For Games

I would like to know because if it has some cool games I'd like to buy it. I like the look of steel battalion but seeing the original controller has got me confused.

I just don't understand why Microsoft are abandoning the consumers that got them to this point in the first place? Would it not be better for us gamers if the money they are putting into Kinect would go towards buying a few studios?

Hands Up For Games2923d ago


Who said MS are ignoring their 'core' base?

This year on my 360 ive played; ME2, SC:C, Alan Wake, Metro 2033, Crackdown 2, Reach and ill be getting Fable 3 as well, a pretty good year! Ive played about the same amount of games on my PS3 as well.

Back to your question, he played Joyride, Kinectimals and Kinect Adventures. He has a couple of young kids who LOVED Kinectimals and he quite enjoyed playing Joyride and Adventures with them as well.

Kinect is in its infancy right now, its not even been released yet and were already saying its going to Fail, the launch is to attract the mass public and they dont want Demon Souls, LBP, Command & Conquer or Alan Wake. They want easy going fun games to be played with family and friends and this would seem what Kinect will offer.

Some of these games appeal to me, i have 2 young kids and even Dance Central I think could be a cool game, time will tell I suppose but its funny to read N4G and see every Pro Kinect comment with at least -20 disagrees and Anti Kinect comments with +20 Agrees.

Thats what sad with gaming today, people get put down for merley expressing their opinions without slandering or putting others down.

zootang2923d ago

Where are these types of games ME2, SC:C, Alan Wake, Metro 2033, Crackdown 2, Reach for kinect? Shouldn't you be asking that question? Not blindly defending Kinect


"It's in its infancy" "Dance Central I THINK could be a cool game"

Come on fella, you want to play the games you mentioned. Not dance around with the kids, that gets old quick. Anyway take them to the park, let them play with other kids and not dancing with dad. You can't beat them dance mat games anyway. See how popular they are in the arcades.

stuna12923d ago

But people are too busy fighting an imaginary war to see the obvious! It's laughable really. Just look at the cheap shots being taken at the move, all the while it's true potential is shining through. If any company should have any comments about the move, it should be nintendo! But for some unknown reason reason they're being surprisingly quiet.

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niceguywii602923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Sony has been bashing Kinect since it was shown hell Sony devoted part of their 2010 E3 show bashing Kinect. All of a sudden when AG mentions that most Move games are normal games with added controls for move he's the one that started the words battle? LOL

I wish fanboys would stop with the Move vs Kinect sh*t. Move is a Wii HD Kinect is something more advanced and new. The difference in technologies are as different as the Wii motion tech is from Sixaxis.

Kinect vs MOVE/Sixaxis doesn't make any sense.

Snakefist302923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Like M$ has been bashing Sony's PS3 since 2006.

At least with more control options for most Move games, you can play it whichever way we want: with our DualShock3 or with Move & Nav controller and not being forced. Unlike with Kinect games rendering your two pricey 360 controllers laying there USELESS!

LOL at the disagrees


'Move is a Wii HD'

If u call move is a Wii HD.Then I call Kinect is a Ps2 Eyetoy.

Hallmark Moment2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Microsoft doesn't get so desperate they attack Sony at major game events LMAO. Sony and fanboys are backed into a corner so I understand using what you fanboys can get.

The Last Place mentality is entertaining, Last Place Sony execs and Last Place PS3 fanboys are putting on a show.

I'm digging the fictional reality here on N4G where any PS3 fanboy can say some pro Sony garbage regardless of the comment being moronic and in this make believe world more agrees from PS3 fanboys means that BS comment must be true or right :o

tacosRcool2923d ago

with all the problems of movement recognition and the fact they had to take out many promised features in it, the move does win. Also anybody that thinks the Move and Kinect are both original you are wrong.

Death24942923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

disagrees with this. While Aaron Greenburg is a complete moron, "some" ps3 games do only require a patch. From what i've seen from the harry potter footage at Gamescom '10, you wave your hand to cast spells then your character "automatically" moves to the next set point for you to wave your arms all over again. When they said you were the controller the could have added "we'll be moving and navigating" your character for you.

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LostDjinn2923d ago

A "war of words" indicates more than one party being involved. So far it's just M$ shooting there mouths off while Sony said they passed on the tech. Am I missing something here?

Just another example of "gaming journalism" at it's finest I guess.

8-bit2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Sony had Kinect style games back on the PS2, Sony have since MOVEd on and left that idea in the past

Hands Up For Games2923d ago

Have you not seen the Kevin Butler comparison sheet yet? Everyone shoots their mouths off, its their jobs!

I remember back in the day advertising and marketing meant that Publishers, Devs and Manufacturers use to 'go after' the competition.

Who can remember the SEGA genius of Nintendont?


LostDjinn2923d ago

I'm sorry I haven't seen KB's comparison sheet. Do you have a link I can use. I'm feelin' lazy.

Hands Up For Games2923d ago

Seeing as its you ;)

Add in the fact that KB is pretty well known for taking pot shots at the competition and I think you have all 3 being a bit mouthy sometimes.

LostDjinn2923d ago


That sure is a shot from Sony. It may be true and it may be funny but the way it's been done is a shot without doubt.

SandWitch2923d ago

Hmm. I didn't expected that Move will win against Kinect. But it looks that Move works much better than Kinect.

yourfather2923d ago

Oh Look
it's THIS thread again

Kamikaze1352923d ago

As a gamer, I've looked at both of them and both seem interesting, but the Move is much better. However, we should wait till the Kinect is released before we see any of these BS comparison. The reason I like the Move better is because it's getting better games, rather than a bunch of casual crap.

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