Japan needs to ‘go global’, but what gives a game ‘global appeal’?

GMG writes: "Let’s think a little about the concept of a ‘global game’. It’s an innocuous enough idea if viewed through the lens of pseudo-marketing, but anybody who’s so much as glimpsed the Orange Box and Pokemon Black side by side at CEX will appreciate just what a conundrum cross-cultural entertainment really represents.

Want it in a very dodgy nutshell? This is Cloud Strife, who passes for the ultimate in manly videogame attainment in the Japanosphere, and this is Marcus Fenix, who passes for the ultimate in manly videogame attainment in USAland. Now imagine a title that stars both. Gadzooks."

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NabikiTendo2888d ago

I'm just fine buying games with a Japanese audience in mind. that's what i always grew up on. this generation i buy games from all regions of the world as long as it's good.this makes me so sad to see japan struggle with this global appeal conflict.

TotalPS3Fanboy2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Westernization does not give a game global appeal. Being great gives a game global appeal.

A crappy game is not going to appeal globally, heck, it's not even going to appeal locally. In fact, a crappy game will have no appeal at all.

It's only great games that have global appeal. The Japanese just needs to focus on making their own unique great games instead of trying to make a quick buck with cheap crappy imitations of the West.

dirigiblebill2888d ago

I think Lost Planet 2 is an interesting case in this regard. Handles a bit like Gears, but is structured like a mix of Phantasy Star Universe and Monster Hunter.