Interview: Katsuhiro Harada talks Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Joystiq: Just minutes ago, immediately following the Tougeki fighting game championship finals held during the Tokyo Game Show, Namco Bandai game director Katsuhiro Harada announced Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the first iteration in the Tekken Tag series since the 1999 debut over a decade ago. We had a chance to speak with Mr. Harada following this unveiling, and learned more about the long delay, the game's arcade destination, the current state of fighting games and what's going on with Tekken X Street Fighter.

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jay22856d ago

I WISH they'd make it exclusive to PS3 and bring TTT 1 up to scratch with trophies etc, not that that will happen.

seanoc2856d ago

Nice interview. I'm very glad Tekken Tag is back.

albel_nox2856d ago

I'm very happy to see a sequel to Tekken Tag but I wish Tekken X Street Fighter didn't sound so far off. I prefer Tekken's style over Street Fighter 4, so I wish Namco's version would come out before or not too long after Capcoms.