Rumour: BioWare Montreal hiring for “military-genre FPS” and more

VG247: BioWare’s Montreal studio is seemingly hiring for a new “action-adventure” IP and a “military-genre FPS,” if recent job listings are to be believed.

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ginsunuva2920d ago

Bioware's replacing Infinity Ward!?!?!?!

Brklynty12920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The guy below in the halo article was right. WHY DO WE NEED ANOTHER FPS?!!!!!! Only 5 out of the 1000000000000 FPS titles are guarenteed to sell millions CoD,Halo,KZ,BF and Resistance. i can see Crysis and possibly bulletstorm joining the fray but cmon ppl, then devs wonder why their games dont sell, pick another genre! its not hard right now to make a hit sin any other genre besides sports, fps and racing sim. Demon Souls boom! we want part 2, Dragon Age boom! part 2 looking to be another hit, infamous boom! uncharted boom! bayonetta boom! vanquish looks like a boom Hell LBP BOOM!! try something else people. i swear if next gen gets flooded with more fps....

smilydude132920d ago

Hope this isn't true. Although it sounds likely considering they're straying more and more away from being an RPG house to making action games with a dialogue system. Hope it flops along with the Old Republic.

dangert122920d ago

No Sledge hammer are

and i would like to see what bioware have got for me there very good devs and very goood at story telling maybe we will have a deep fps

the only fps that has griped me by story is KZ and that was the last load of cutscenes in the game were they made the story count

FragGen2920d ago

Finally! Someone's working on a military-genre FPS! I've been saying that someone should make a game like that... I bet it'd be a big seller! LOL.

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FiftyFourPointTwo2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Great! Yet another FPS is in the works! Just what we needed. /s

kevnb2920d ago

everyone thinks they can make the next call of duty type success. Its really sad, and its causing every fps to be multiplatform... even battelefield 3.

sack_boi2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Not this sh!t again.

Letros2920d ago

Boy I didn't think EA would get to Bioware, but with the Dragon Age 2 changes and now this...RIP the Bioware I once knew.

Nihilism2920d ago

Bioware has been dead for some time now, marketing robots have continued their work in secret. There is literally like 50 different downloadable content things for DA...
I 'gifted' them to myself, free of charge ;).

Anon19742920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Are you guys kidding me? Bioware has consistently put out an excellent product. They're no strangers to action games. And because they released some "DLC" for Dragon's Age - did you play any of it? The big expansion was almost as good as Dragon Age itself! I love what they added. That's how an expansion pack should be done.

"Oh boo hoo! Bioware is dead to me!"
Seriously, stfu. You're basing this off an internet rumor? How about you wait, get a copy of Dragon Age 2 or whatever the hell this game is when it comes out in your hands, play it and then...and only then..can you offer up your opinion on Bioware's products.

As far as I'm concerned, Bioware is one of the best developers in the industry. If they want to make another action game, or even a FPS - I welcome what they bring to the genre with open arms. Year after year they put out an excellent product and have been rated as one of the top 10 employers in Canada. I'd give my left nut to work with a team as talented as Bioware. Meanwhile you guys can go back to hating games that haven't even been released. Good luck with that. I see it over and over again, once something get's popular, certain kids have to hate it just because.

Edit: @ HeroXIV's comments below. "I hope it flops. Stick to RPG's"
How sad. Yeah, you hope Bioware makes a game that flops because they dared try something new for them! Maybe they'll close because they tried something different, and hundreds of game programmers, artists, developers lose their jobs and can't feed their families! Wouldn't that be great! That'll show Bioware for trying to make a different product to entertain you little bastards! It'll serve em right!

I just don't get kids today. Do you even stop to think before you voice your opinion?

Tony P2920d ago

BioWare would certainly have undergone a shift away from their previous approach to design. It's all in favour of this new action trend. It seems to be happening to every big release they put out for example, ME and now supposedly DA. And DA was supposed to be the RPG that stayed true to old school PC RPGing.

But the word of the day is "streamline" and it treats the depth of mechanic that BioWare's older fans enjoyed as "fat" to be "trimmed". As an older fan, I'm disappointed. But hey, there's always other RPG devs.

So if BioWare want to make everything into shooters and action games with dialogue trees, whatever. But don't ask me to praise them for it.

Letros2920d ago

I'm guessing you never played the masterpieces Bioware made in the 90's, probably too young for that, their new work is nothing comparable to their old.

kevnb2920d ago

while it was third person, it was one of the best shooters ever. I guess people have short memories.

FAGOL2920d ago

This could be the fps game that replaces halo for 360. Microsoft did say they will have a new exclusive fps right? Meh anyways another shooter great *sarcasm*.

Convas2920d ago

This could be very interesting ...

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