PlayDevil: Fifa 11 vs Pro Evo 11 Demo Impressions

Here at PlayDevil we've put some serious time into demos of Pro Evo 11 and Fifa 11 to show you our thoughts.

Here is a snippet: "PlayDevil found the AI a bit lacking as well, they would just let us rush up the flanks, and then pump in cross after cross into the box. Our own defence were also lacking, not marking the opposition whilst we were up front, leaving us critically exposed to the counter-attack. It’s an improvement, but PlayDevil wasn’t overly impressed."

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nix2927d ago

i tried FIFA 11 demo after trying the PES 11 demo... FIFA 11 is so hollow. PES 11 demo plays really well. you'll have to figure out all the passes... pass it at the right place with the right amount of pressure.

PES 11 is like Demon's Souls. it may look hard at first but winning/surviving the game is one hell of a satisfying achievement.

IanBear2927d ago

I hated the AI. It's dumb. The presentation is still unforgivable- which you can handle if pure gameplay is all that matters- but in my opinion, whilst the gap has closed, pro evo still lags behind. It's by no means a poor game though.