BrutalGamer: Sports Champions Review writes:

Sony goes for the collective gaming granny jugular with their very own sports motion title. How does it stack up to Nintendo’s seminal WiiSports? In a brief answer, it doesn’t. That’s not to say Sports Champions is a bad title. No it’s actually pretty OK, it just never quiet makes it to WiiSports levels of addiction.

The title comprises volleyball, table tennis, disc golf, gladiator duel, bocce and archery all in one package. Like WiiSports the title allows you to take on any of these game styles from the get-go. Each style offers the ability to play single player in free-play of CPU challenge modes (these modes get progressively harder) or in a local multiplayer mode. After each style has been defeated in the single player challenge mode you unlock a series of extra mini-games using that style.

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moosehound2802d ago

It's a reasonable collection it just can't compete with WiiSport Resort. It is almost on par with the original WiiSports tbh. Stilla solid collection of mini-games tho.

40cal2802d ago

I disagree, I think that Sports Champions blows Sports Resort out of the water, the controls just feel so much better with Move when compared to Wii motion plus.

For me Sports Champions gets a 8.0, Wii Sports Resort 7.5.

Kamikaze1352802d ago

Yeah, it's just a demo afterall. Though I know people are going to see that review score and say "OMG IS THAT WHAT THEY'RE RATING THE MOVE!?!?!" lol

8-bit2802d ago

I call BS man, have you played it or is that the score you were just hoping for?

moosehound2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Who me? Yeah of course I've played it... .how the heck could I of done a review otherwise? I spent the entire weekend on it to be honest. As I say it's a solid little mini-game bundle but it's no Wii Sports Resort. Still a collection of fun titles - especially Disc Golf and Archery.

I shall ask the same - have you played it (for more than 20 mins!)?

Each to their own opinions friends. Either way you cut it the Move is a great peripheral and this game is a solid little bundle.

SillySundae2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

He's trolling MOVE articles very hard ... I'm beginning to think he is in panic mode.
When you see him TROLL, flag him as such so his comments becomes hidden.

ON TOPIC (I've posted this on other thread as well):
I never thought I'd like this game.

But for some strange reason ... I am having a blast with it.
My daughter loves the archery game

moosehound2802d ago

OK man thanks for the heads up ;)

The game is fun - played it with my sons and they had a blast too. Archery is my top choice tho.

Pennywise2802d ago

8/10 only because there is no online play. FUN, FUN, FUN.

My shoulder is so sore from ping pong and gladiator fighting.

Jikla2802d ago

I wish I could say that for most of the halo reach reviews. But I agree with you ndibu, this game isn't that great, but it's good :)

raztad2802d ago

ndibu has been trolling MOVE articles like if his life is on stake. LMAO. Guy must be pretty insecure about Kinetic.

BTW, overall impressions have been overwhelming positive about MOVE and Sport Champions. I think I'm gonna dismiss BrutalGamer review as another, irrelevant opinion. Trying it by myself.

moosehound2802d ago

reviews are subjective - I have said it's a good collection of mini-games and every SHOULD give it a try. Always go with your own "gut" on games - reviews are just someone snapshot in time opinion.

Hope you guys enjoy Sports Champions.

Motorola2801d ago

Hes trolling on all the move articles. Please no1 reply to him. hes failing and not even using facts.

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MGRogue20172802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

People are only buying it 'cause it's for the PS Move. xD

I'll admit that it might be a little bit fun though.. but if there were lots more games out for the device.. This game would be a bargain title within minutes.

djfullshred2802d ago

If it didn't come with the Move bundle, I wouldn't buy this game seperately. It is decent as a demo to get used to using the Move controller.