Black Ops Almost Finished in Development

Treyarch’s community manager Josh Olin also known as his twitter name JD_2020 has recently updated his status quoting “Home sweet home! I hear #CODBlackOps is nearing completion… Can’t wait to see how far it has progressed since I’ve been on the road.”

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user94220772861d ago

Modern Warfare 2.5 Almost Finished in Development.


Jamegohanssj52861d ago

Okay doesn't the game come out next month? And they're just now finishing it?


Joule2861d ago

what the hell is TGSI, I have been wondering for so long.

nikkisixx22861d ago

titty grabbing stupid idiot

ReservoirDog3162860d ago

Haha, yeah, you'd imagine they'd need to make millions of copies to be ready. Cutting it pretty close.

dgroundwater2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

According to the dictionary it's Temperature at Ground Snow Interface. That's gotta be it.

ReservoirDog3162860d ago

Oh and TGSI, it's The Genius Said It.

Asked before. One of life's mystery's solved huh?

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Blackpool2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

soo the whole time it was never done? lmao don't hype dis game guys.. i hyped mw2 and it really pissed me off

TrevorPhillips2861d ago

You reliase this game is made by Treyarch not IW.

user94220772861d ago

You did't get the joke!?


nickjkl2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

its using the same interface for crying out loud at least modern warfare 2 changed the interface from cod4 and waw

trey arch used the interface from cod4 for waw and are using the interface from mw2 for black ops

TrevorPhillips2861d ago

looool sorry didn't reliase till now

Truth2861d ago

I'm happy with BFBC2 thank you. I haven't picked up MW2 in almost 4 months and I won't be giving them another hard earned $59.99 for another game I won't play. ;)

FU Kotick and FU Activision.

TheColbertinator2861d ago

Treyarch is still adding the finishing glitches and bugs to black ops in time for release.

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The story is too old to be commented.