PlayStation Store Updating Tonight Due to Maintenance

The PlayStation Network will undergo regular maintenance tomorrow, and due to this, the PlayStation Store will be updated tonight instead of its normal Tuesday update.

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hakis862887d ago

Can't wait to test out Monsters vs Aliens on my 3DTV :D

WhittO2887d ago

Shame there isn't much in the FW AGAIN...

divideby02887d ago

sad...2 sorry jealous fools DA your comment....enjoy

Sev2887d ago

@ divide - 3D Blu-Ray support is my most anticipated FW feature considering I have a 3DTV and no way to watch 3D movies.

I'd be more than happy if that's the only feature available in the new FW update.

WhittO2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Thats great and everything and why shouldn't you get this update in the FW if you can afford a 3DTV.

It's just annoying that this IS the only feature in the update, except a facebook feature and reporting feature.

It would be nice if they saved up their FW updates to about 4 times per year and released them with more than 1 worthy feature, because the last 4-5 FW updates have been really weak.

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BulletProofVess2887d ago

holds echochrome ii

as it was said to be released in September.

callahan092887d ago

Oh happy day if it is. Can't wait for that game.

jut4202887d ago

I was kinda disappointed in the Tumble demo, I've been craving a puzzle game and echochrome ii looks awesome... really interesting idea with the shadows

BulletProofVess2887d ago

i thought Tumble was a great game.

i really enjoyed the demo myself and purchased the game

where there are tons of additionally game modes that kept me entertained

& i cant wait for when there going to release echochrome ii
hope its this update or the next as the demo is already out on the store

Christopher2887d ago

This is a short time since their last PSN maintenance. What are they working on over there that requires two maintenance windows in only two weeks?

Mmmkay2887d ago

it's that effing meth-lab again...

Taggart4512887d ago

We can hope that the store will update before 9.30 PM EST this time. What do you think? They've been updating later and later in the day it feels.

Sev2887d ago

Agreed, it's always so late. I don't even bother most days to check until the following day. It's annoying, because once everything finishes downloading it isn't the following day anyway.

zoibie2887d ago

wasn't there maintenance a week or so ago?

user94220772887d ago

Awesome. Then we'll get to play the Red Dead DLC tonight.

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The story is too old to be commented.