10 thoughts to take away from TGS 2010

So much happened at the Tokyo Game Show that it’s easy to lose track of all the news. There were grown men crying, Samba Buses sliding, Dante looking hellish and Hell looking stylish; NIS embraced Hi-Res sprites and SEGA enlisted zombies. So basically TGS had a lot of shocks, surprises, some predictability and plenty of wow moments.

TGS, more than anything, showed that Japanese game development is still going strong today, despite rumours of the contrary. Japanese developers are still pumping out hugely inventive, aesthetically pleasing titles – the sort of games that make you say, “that must come from Japan.”

For this article, PS3 Attitude have accumulate ten thoughts to take away from this year’s TGS. They aren’t all positive but most of them are…

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golsilva2920d ago

dont know if i agree with the last one sega shunning ps3 for psp. i know valkyria chronicles 3 on ps3 would have been great but the guy who created the series gave a logical answer in an article. he said that if he does another ps3 version he wants the game to be fresh and innovating as the first one and not necessarily too much of a sequel with minor improvements. in that respect i agree with him. also sega is bringing yakuza to the ps3 so they are still committed to the ps3.

2919d ago