Halo Reach Patch Incoming

It's not taking Bungie long to release the first major update for Halo Reach. In a post by Bungie's blog, the first title update will be arriving in early October. Before release it was announced that Halo Reach would feature campaign co-op.

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xxxAnubisxxx2885d ago

Bungie is the greatest! Wish all developers acted like these guys

Anton Chigurh2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Valve , ID and Bungie are the best Developers imo.

DirtyLary2884d ago

Don't forget Zipper in this list.

CombatEvolving2885d ago

The game has campaign co-op already. They are adding matchmaking to it that is score based. The feature was left out because it puts you on a random level which could ruin the game for someone at launch.

Myth2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I know I'm probably in the minority here but this sucks for me. All my friends have only a PS3 so I have no friends to play the campaign with. I remember hearing about there being matchmaking in co-op and I was very excited about this new (normal feature in most co-op games) feature. I did not want to play with myself :) so i was looking forward to playing the game with matchmaking. But this random match level crap seems pointless for someone like me that wants to play the game in order via co-op.

FragMnTagM2884d ago

but if you are serious, I will play through it with you. My XBL tag is the same as my name on here. Send me a friend request and I will play through with you. I have some cool friends that will hop in too. It is not too hard to find some cool people to play with man.

lostinplace2884d ago

Good ol' Bungie... never lets us down!

yarbie10002884d ago

Surprised someone reported this because it had Bungie as a Tag?? wtf

xxxAnubisxxx2884d ago

I would like to see new tools for Forge eventually

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The story is too old to be commented.