Sports Champions Scores Second Spot On The UK All Formats Chart

PushSquare: "Late last night, we were deliberating PlayStation Move sales. We knew we were due a weekly UK sales report from Chart-Track this morning, and we were mulling over what would be a decent showing from the PlayStation Move’s first must-have title, Sports Champions."

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dangert122885d ago

Sound like its off on the right foot well done sony
now to solidify its place in gaming history as a plus + kinect will be a negitive it don't have the reliability in hardware or software

Game-ur2884d ago

A lot of Move games started getting active in my friendlist, getting it as soon as I finish my current game.

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badz1492884d ago

but Sports Champion is really more than that! it really shows the accuracy of the controls and really, this is not a gesture base game! I'm enjoying table tennis a lot and damn that game is challenging at the high difficulty! I'm on the last opponent but getting my ass kicked 3 times already! I'll be back for more after this! just you wait! and for those in doubt, this is THE real deal!

darkdoom30002885d ago

Wow. With zero real advertizing it managed to sell good.
word of mouth really helped.

Forums (Neogaf and others) have been saying nothing but good stuff about it..

units2884d ago

i seen adverts all over the television

darkdoom30002884d ago

Iv'e seen 2 move ads so far. :|

jack_burt0n2884d ago

re5 gold on ps3 is SOLD OUT :) getting estimates of a month+ for delivery. @ £14.99

HeroXIV2884d ago

Move is doing exceedingly well. Just goes to show if you make a solid device that does it's job PERFECTLY (Really, Sports Champions PROVES that Move is more capable than anything else) then it will sell. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.