Parasite Eve The Third Birthday TGS hands-on impression (RPG Land)

RPG Land plays The Third Birthday at the Tokyo Game Show and says many things, including: "The visuals were good, as it was one of only a handful of PSP games I could comfortably play while looking at the TV screen instead of the PSP screen. (With Danboru [Tiny Battlers], for example, I had to look at the PSP screen because the upper screen just did not look right. With The Third Birthday, I could look at either, comfortably.)"

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kevco332740d ago

Don't all shout at me at once, but as much as I like the look of the one, I've never really been a big fan of the series...

knifefight2740d ago

I really liked the first one. Second one had some odd gameplay systems but was still tops for PS1 visuals and the story/environment were still great.

2739d ago