HGN-OXM-Is Bad Company 2 better than Modern Warfare 2?

Is Battlefield Bad Company 2 superior to the behemoth that was Modern Warfare 2? Or did Halo 3: ODST beat them both? The time has come to choose the true winner.

Judgement looms in the form of this year's Golden Joystick awards, where the Xbox 360 is predictably well represented in the shooter category. The ITN Game On Shooter of the Year, to give it its full name, is a fight between the big names of the last 12 months:

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Quagmire2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Anything is better than Modern Warfare 2. Heck, I even found AvP more enjoyable.

Game-ur2769d ago

MW is like a solo sport, Battlefield is like a team sport.

Never got into online FPS before, but Battlefield BC2 converted me, and I in turn converted 4 of my brothers. But I wish I hadn't, 2 ended up being great players, but one became an annoying sniper, and the forth just sucks.

(also converted 4 of my nephews, all of them turn out great)

hennessey862769d ago

mw2 is an enjoyable game, it has its flaws but so do all games. I didnt like battlefield 2

MysticStrummer2767d ago

I'm glad to say I never bought MW2. I played it at a friend's house and it looked like more of the same. That = gold to many, but since MW bored me quickly I never wanted MW2. Infinity Ward's and Bobby Kotick's arrogance made me not even buy it to play with my little brothers, which I had planned to do even though I didn't really want it. The BC2 beta seemed boring and empty to me after MAG, so I didn't buy it either. After playing the beginnings of Halo 1 and 2, along with a little online play at a friend's house, I never had a desire to look at that overrated series again. I'm happy to go a different route than the masses, but I hate that most developers cater to those same masses. Case in point, the KZ controls, which were just about the only thing other than the graphics that made it different from the usual FPS crap. The masses complained, so the controls were ruined. MAG is the class of the genre this generation, gameplay wise, because it takes all those epic single player battles from other FPS's story modes and puts them online with only real players. Awesome stuff, but not nearly mindless enough for the average FPS player. Mostly off-topic, but oh well. The title of the article alone is enough to make me go on a pro-MAG rant, since I don't care about any of the FPS titles that are normally thrown out there as "the best". By the way, that includes Resistance 1, R2, and KZ2. Single player wise, it's Bioshock or Portal for me. For online play, it's MAG all day.

Spinal2767d ago

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the better game. If we break it down to Graphics, Gameplay and Physics these are important aspects of any FPS. Bad Company 2 takes all 3 hands down.