Why Vanquish proves Japanese development is still thriving

Although Inafune may think otherwise, Japanese gaming is still ahead of the curve

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dangert122886d ago

As most people on N4G go on

Lost planet - 1 IMO was the better version of gears IMO
only reason i did't get the 2nd was cause of the DLC scam

SF4 - I heavily enjoyed but wearnt supporting the con that was SSF4

Resident evil 5 on Co-op was great

WKC- Amazing Snm

games i don't rate was

Final fantasy 13
That RPG on xbox the exclusive one with for disc WELL OVER RATED something odessy

AntoineDcoolette2886d ago

Eh, 4 of the games you listed were from mega powerhouse Japanese developers I don't think those should exactly count lol

The_Quiet_Man2886d ago

Yeah, I'm definitely interested in this game after playing the demo (can't wait to try the second demo). I'm already sold on the game, been waiting for a good TPS for awhile (not much of FPS kinda guy).

AntoineDcoolette2886d ago

I look into and purchase games with no thought about the nation / area of origin but TBH last generation my PS2 collection is split about 50% 'western' games and 50% Japanese games. This gen' its about 80%+ Western games and 20%+ Japanese games. That is based solely upon a PS3 though and way I hear it many Japanese studios that aren't powerhouses like SE, Capcom, or Konami don't exactly have the resources to invest or the desire to risk an investment into the current gen of high cost HD consoles and tend to stick to the lower cost portable systems. W/E I'm just glad a lower profile developer like Atlus is finally making a debut to the current gen with the title Catherine!