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IncGamers writes: A video game that was commissioned by Channel 4 for release on Xbox Live has been banned by Microsoft.

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highlander1232926d ago

i would have loved a sex game

Hellsvacancy2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

3D Sex Villa baby!

Edit: The premise of 3D Sex Villa? makin sweet sweet love (bonking)

highlander1232926d ago

wats the premise of 3d sex villa?

highlander1232926d ago

how come i dont hear about these sex games? do they have their own review sites?

knifefight2926d ago

Too bad, because this is the closest a lot of gamers will get to the real thing.

the-thing-that-is2926d ago

a sex education game? might be interesting if it was free but would anyone actually buy it?

Charmers2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

It is free on the PC :-

Oh and before anyone reports me for piracy, it is a legitimate link the game was released for FREE on the PC by Channel 4 because there is no greedy all encompassing corporate control for the PC platform.

Not a bad little game to be fair got some nice coarse humour in it. If you have a PC then pick it up and try it.

Vip3r2926d ago

" created in conjunction with Channel 4’s Education Department to teach young people on the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases."

Just take a visit to Hartlepool for that. :)

JohnR2926d ago

Hartlepool... never heard of it but very interested now

Dan502926d ago

Sex is ok in Europe and censored in the US.

Jack-Pyro2926d ago

Yet the opposite is true of violence, it's ok in the US, and not in Europe....Us wacky Americans. =D

the-thing-that-is2926d ago

i don't think so. channel 4 is a uk chanel

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