PlayStation Move Controller is a Cheap Cellphone, Minus Calling Capabilities

Gizmodo: On one hand, the Move controller is a very pricey gaming controller. On the other paw, iFixit's tear-down revealed "it's quite the bang for the buck," with a processor, accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth, vibrating motor and MEMS compass tucked inside.

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LolololRumz2859d ago

I'd like to see my iphone used as a PS3 controller and an Iphone certainly isn't a cheap phone. Maybe I should try connecting my Nokia 3410 to my PS3...

Bloodraid2859d ago

Not quite sure what you and everyone else is getting so worked up about.

The article says nothing bad about the Move controller, in fact, it seems as though it's praising it.

Taken Directly from the article - "'it's quite the bang for the buck', with a processor, accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth, vibrating motor and MEMS compass tucked inside."

hakis862859d ago

IT really is a great controller - and this just proves how advanced and precise it is compared to the Wiimote.

LolololRumz2859d ago

Getting worked up about? I was simply taking the piss out of the article title which is flaimbait, I belive the move is a great controller and works really well as I had a go on one last Friday :D

dead_eye2859d ago

what the fu'# what is the point in that article.

LolololRumz2859d ago

It's just another reason for fanboys to start slagging off the PS3, but hey N4G is always full of pointless articals like this

colonel1792859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

EDIT: Nevermind on what I wrote.. They just didn't say anything...

ChronoJoe2859d ago

Gizmodo advert.

One site with little credibility, joins up with another to cross promote. By the looks of it. That's the only explanation I have for the 'Gizmodo is awesome' video at the bottom of the page, which is completely off the articles topic.

Gizmodo are also renowned for writing PS3 negative articles, and Kotaku love hosting them. Why else would you bother to say it's similar to a 'cheap', phone? It's similar to a lot of things, ranging from cheap to expensive - but that doesn't decredit what it is, a playstation move controller.

Vip3r2859d ago

Kinect is also an expensive eye toy. So whats your point?

WLPowell2859d ago

They're scared cause the cheap phone has better software than the expensive eye toy.

AllroundGamer2859d ago

i would say, that Kinect is just an expensive webcam with lots of problems...

Malice-Flare2859d ago

par per course pilfering and hotlinking to another site. wow, the wand led can display 24bit colour?

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The story is too old to be commented.